Nope, Not This Year!

January 12, 2017

You have to be tired of making the same plan every year. You might even be adding to the list because you didn’t achieve it the year before. How can we all want something so bad but not be able to quit doing the things that take us farther away from those goals? Focus on these 5 things to continue to stay motivated throughout your lifelong fitness journey. Whether you are just starting or you are just trying not to go backwards, I challenge you to always have your desired outcome in mind. How do you want to feel? Are your daily actions and behaviors getting you closer to that feeling or father away? It’s time to be honest with yourself.

notes-514998_960_7201). Build an image in your head. You are expecting yourself to “that” point, whether it is a
traditional goal like weight loss or simply to just be your healthiest self. This is intimidating, but rewarding. If you truly have this expectation in both your heart and mind, you will be more likely to change behaviors and make choices daily to achieve this expectation.

2). Have a REAL support system. For some of you I understand that you may not really have someone in your life. Find someone – a resource that supports you and generates positivity in your life every day. Try surrounding yourself with people that encourage you to keep making sacrifices and high five you when you use fitness as an outlet and you are being good to yourself. Make it clear to them what kind of support you need and how they can help. This will only motivate you to work harder and set new goals for yourself.

3). Remind yourself DAILY. Why did you start your journey? What’s more important to you – indulging in a fatty dinner just because everyone else is, or living longer with your family and feeling amazing about yourself? Is the sacrifice worth jumping in pictures with family rather than avoiding photos altogether because you’re too worried about your physical appearance, being mobile enough to get on the floor and play with little ones, or simply knowing that you’re strong enough to finish what you started?

Many people want to quit. At times, you will want to quit, but remember, your spouse, your children, your loved ones are watching. By you not taking care of yourself and making your health a priority sends the message to them that not being good to your body and talking negatively about yourself is okay. I highly doubt any of us feel that way but it’s the hard truth of what we are conveying to our loved ones. What we fail to want to admit is, it takes as much deliberate effort in being negligent in your health as it does to take care of it. There is no reward at the end of the easy road. At least on the other side you become better you and set an amazing example.

4) Grow up. Just because you have failed before in the past or you think you should have gotten your results sooner; I challenge you to emotionally grow up. Refuse to settle. There are resources all around you. Do your research and find something that you will want to do. Any exercise that you will actually do is the kind you should keep doing. As you get in better shape and more advanced, adjust your resources accordingly.

5) Make short term goals for your journey. As you meet these short-term goals, you will gain the confidence you are lacking at the moment to achieve your long-term goal. No matter what that goal is, it sometimes seems incredibly far away or completely impossible. Don’t set yourself up for failure like that. Every week, decide what you will do better. Don’t overload yourself; start small.

Some examples of weekly goals are:

After these are mastered, you can then build upon these goals such as:

  • Eating a mid-morning, protein-based snack
  • Logging food on a nutrition app
  • Going to the gym 4-5 times in a week
  • At the end of the day, it all boils down to being honest with yourself and making strides to make changes for yourself that you and those around you can be proud of. Be good to yourself, this year and every year following.

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