How to Stay Healthy This Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2018

Valentine’s Day is known as the day of romance that is filled with cards, candies, flowers, chocolates and most importantly – love. With all of the tasteful goodies that are gifted during Valentine’s Day, it may be hard to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle because of the assortment of chocolates surrounding you.

However, life is all about balance and indulging in a chocolate covered strawberry certainly will not cause any major setbacks to your health goals. In fact, there are countless ways that Valentine’s Day can be made a healthy holiday without giving up on the romance!

Opt For Healthy Treat Alternatives

Did you know that on average, we spend $1.7 billion dollars on sweets for Valentine’s Day? And it’s no surprise: One of the biggest traditions on Valentine’s Day is giving a box of chocolates or other sweet treat as a gift to your significant other. While most partners will savor the flavor, there are alternative gift options that you can give which will not affect any health or fitness goals.

The easiest alternative to a heart-shaped box of chocolates is to make the treats healthy or make your own. You can also buy healthier options at a specialty store or the grocery if you don’t have the time to prepare them yourself.

Whether you make your own or choose to buy, just make healthy swaps. For example, instead of a box of assorted chocolates, consider having a fruit basket with a variety of yummy fruits that are drizzled in a little bit of chocolate. That way, you get more natural sugars from the fruit but also get to indulge in the chocolate. Another great healthy swap would be changing the ingredients on homemade items to something healthier. So instead of using pure sugar, use raw honey or unsweetened applesauce, or use dark chocolate instead of white or milk.

Gift Your Partner With Something That Will Last

Another downside to edible gifts? They don’t last.

So make sure you have a backup plan and consider showing your love with a more material item that has more permanence or significance. Jewelry or cards are meaningful gifts that will mean a lot to a loved one, they also make great keepsake items. If you and your partner are on a budget, gifting an experience like a romantic picnic at your favorite park is a wonderful idea. Just remember to pack something healthy!

Although chocolates and jewelry or cards make great gifts, the one gift that can mean the world to someone is telling them how much you love them this Valentine’s Day.

Keep Everything Focused on the Heart

Not only does Valentine’s Day use a heart as its main symbol, but the entire month of February is dedicated to hearts. More specifically, heart health. Just as you care about others and show affection to them on Valentine’s Day, you should also keep your own heart happy as you celebrate the day

One of the easiest ways to keep your heart healthy this Valentine’s Day is to choose the healthier meal option if you go out to eat. Stick with whole foods and avoid items on the menu that say “fried” or “sweet” because those are sure signs they contain a lot of unhealthy components and are packed with unnecessary calories. It also helps that a many menus today offer nutritional information.

Secondly, instead of sitting down to watch a romantic movie, take a romantic stroll outside if the weather permits. There are multiple options for couples and groups to be active together on Valentine’s Day that can be fun and keeps your blood flowing. If the weather doesn’t allow for a nice walk or hike outside, consider going to a favorite museum.

Regardless of you and your partner decide to do, aim for about 30 minutes of activity with a romantic twist. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a nice evening walk together to watch the sunset?

With all of these tips and tricks, it proves that Valentine’s Day can remain full of love but also keep your body’s best interests in mind. If you are dedicated to your fitness goals or healthy lifestyle, there are still plenty of options this Valentine’s Day to stay on track.

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