Everything You Need to Know About Weight Loss Supplements

February 18, 2016

Everyone wants to lose weight fast and what better and easier way to do that than taking a pill just a few times a day? Think again. Before you hop on board the weight loss supplement bandwagon, here is some important information you need to know.

“Diet Pills” Are Nothing NewRES Week 3

Despite some of their dubious claims, weight loss supplements aren’t a new invention. They’ve been around since the 1800s, and have remained popular ever since. Many past supplements had dangerous psychological and physical side effects. However, the promise of fast, effortless weight loss has kept many people looking for the latest version of diet pills to replace those with bad reputations.

No FDA Approval Required

Weight loss supplements are considered dietary supplements and therefore do not require approval from the FDA before marketing to the public. However, these supplements are required to provide truthful information regarding any potential side effects and all ingredients within the supplement.

Unfortunately, some products get around these requirements and don’t list hidden ingredients that can be harmful to your health or interfere with other medications. You risk ingesting these dangerous ingredients when you take weight loss supplements. Therefore, talk to a healthcare professional before you take any over the counter pills.

There Are Too Many Factors in Play for Weight Loss Guarantee

While some brands offer a money-back guarantee, the scientific proof behind these supplements vary. There are often a wide variety of ingredients within any weight loss supplement, which makes it harder to determine the effectiveness of each individual ingredient. Also, each person’s body is different and may react differently to each of the ingredients or different brands. Even an endorsement from someone you know is no guarantee that a supplement will make you lose weight.

There’s No Such Thing as a “Miracle Pill” for Weight Loss

Commercials and advertisements will try to convince you that these pills will miraculously cause you to start shedding pounds, which isn’t the case. Some people have found that taking these supplements encourages weight loss, but it won’t occur by taking supplements alone.

No pill will make you lose weight and keep it off. A balanced diet and exercise plan are key factors in achieving any weight-loss goal. So remember to eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis to achieve the best weight-loss and fitness results possible.

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