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Creating a Simple Home Gym Is Easier Than You Think

March 23, 2020

There are endless pieces of equipment that can be added to a home gym, and depending on your size and space requirements, you may be able to fit all the fitness equipment you want.

Whether you’re a busy parent, don’t have access to a nearby gym, or just enjoy having accessible equipment in the comfort of your home, there are plenty of ways to create a simple and effective home gym.

Get In Your Cardio No Matter The Weather

If you live in an area where there is plenty of room to run outdoors, many will say that you don’t need a treadmill in your home gym. However, imagine running when the temperatures are below freezing and the wind is blowing or if the hot sun is beating down on you with unbearable humidity — neither of these conditions are an ideal running environment.

But, if you incorporate a treadmill, you provide yourself the perfect solution to run no matter the weather.

For example, the TRUE Performance 300 Treadmill has features that cater to individuals who crave simplicity as well as those who like to stay ahead of the technological curve, including 4 unique user profiles and fitness app integrations.

One of Treadmill Doctor’s “10 Best Treadmills”, the Performance 300 is also equipped with all features standard in TRUE Treadmills and an Orthopedic Belt for ultimate impact reduction on joints and knees.

If you’re not a runner, pick an alternative cardio piece like an elliptical or bike. Upright bikes offer a low-impact cardio experience that can be used in place of an outdoor bike. Recumbent bikes are perfect for members of the active aging market thanks to the walk-through design. The ES900 is the perfect premium bike for users who experience low back issues thanks to the elastic mesh seat for support.

Ellipticals are great for those who enjoy a cardio workout and have joint pain when running. The Performance 300 Elliptical includes 12 unique workout programs to constantly challenge and improve your body.

If you’re looking for a full cardio experience, combine a treadmill, elliptical, and bike to your home gym!

Make Room For Functional Exercises

Functional equipment is the easiest type of fitness equipment to store in your home. You can keep medicine balls, Bosu balls, or kettlebells in a closet as a simple source of strength training, and as a bonus, you can also use this gear to assist in certain plyometric exercises. If you prefer a more structured machine, try Quickfit, an efficient solution to all of your in-home training needs.

This equipment is also the easiest to share for multiple people to train at once if you’re looking for additional accountability, encouragement, or some light-hearted competition.

Incorporate Flexibility & Relaxation

Lastly, keep a yoga mat in your closet as well for your off days — you can then do yoga, Pilates or whatever suits you. A good yoga mat is also perfect for keeping you comfortable while you do your ab crunches and for stretching before or after your workout.

Set Up Some Entertainment

To make workouts go by faster, many people opt to include a TV in their preferred workout area. By keeping a TV in the room, you are not only entertained, but also able to expand exercise your possibilities.

For example, having a smart TV will allow you to stream YouTube videos for sample workouts of all types. Don’t want to miss your Thursday night show? Watch it on your TV while you run a few miles. Are you more of a music person? That can be accessed on the TV as well.

The entertainment possibilities are near endless given the resources of modern technology today.

If you don’t want or can’t put a TV in your home gym, TRUE consoles feature many entertainment options to choose from, including music and videos so you don’t get bored.

Whether you are looking for equipment in a new home gym or looking to refresh your space, consider your options – keep it simple, but make the space completely yours!