Using Our Motivators For Success

November 21, 2017

We all have something that motivates us, be it a material item we want and must work hard to get, or our desire for our bodies look a certain way. It can also be much more personal, like our family history or just being there for our family and friends for the long haul.

Whatever our personal motivation is, we need to find it and use it to be able to keep ourselves going strong in our journey to take care of our bodies and health.

The Success Of Others Can Motivate Us

Many times, we are motivated by looking forward to a trip and want to look our best—especially if we are about to get ourselves into a bikini.

Then, from the bikini we are motivated by a dress for a special event or occasion that we would like to fit into. From there, just seeing someone who we really admire physically can be a huge motivator

Although, this last one can be slightly dangerous: No two bodies are alike and for those of us who love to swoon over the beautiful bodies out there, we need to be sure that we know everyone is unique.

We were all made in different ways and as we go through our fitness journey, our body will form itself into whatever it is meant to be.

Some of us are tall and lean and it’s easier for us to stay that way, while some of us are short and stocky and it’s not always so easy for us to stay lean, but easy to build muscle mass instead.

It is okay to admire the body of someone else because of their hard work and use their hard work and determination as inspiration to get the body you want. But it can bring us down if we admire the body and work out only to look just like them.

Motivation Through Preventing Familial Health Issues

Many of us have motivation that comes from our families having medical conditions we ultimately want to prevent ourselves from developing.

Perhaps diabetes, heart disease, or scoliosis runs in your family and that motivates you to life a healthy lifestyle to the best of your ability.

Some of us already have those conditions and want to get rid of them fully or help ease the pain or symptoms of the conditions. This motivates us greatly when it comes to our wellbeing.

Maybe there are past injuries that we would just like to finally heal after irritating us for years. Then there are some of us who would love to be able to get down on the floor with our kids or grandkids and be around for them and our families for a very long time.

Motivate Yourself With A Treat

These are all the motivations that are deep within us, but sometimes a little treat to yourself will get you going. Many people in the gym these days are always coordinating their outfits to motivate themselves to get into the gym.

Maybe they just got a new pair of shoes or those new leggings they have been wanting.

When we feel good, we typically are more motivated to keep going or try new things. Some of us get new items like watches or headphones.

These things excite people because they create a new way to track your workouts and when you can really bump out to your favorite music, it feels like nothing can stop you.

Other material items can be water bottles or new pieces of equipment that has been trending for some time. For some people, it is the deeper emotional side of motivating factors that keeps them going, but for others it’s just something new that keeps that spark going in your workouts.

Whatever your motivation is, stick with it and let it push you to places that you haven’t taken yourself before throughout your fitness journey. Stay consistent towards it, focused, and ALWAYS make it a fun experience. Anytime you feel like giving up, think about that motivation again and keep going strong.

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