Transitioning Your Workouts Indoors

October 23, 2017

Fall is in the air and within the next few weeks, many of us will be taking our workouts inside. In order to stay motivated and keep you on the path to improved fitness, there are a few tips to consider when moving your workouts from outside back indoors.

Find A Specific Goal To Work Toward

The colder months present a great opportunity to increase your strength, address weak areas in your training, or take your high intensity interval training to the next level. Try to make this goal as specific and measureable as possible to help you stay motivated and focused on achieving that goal.

Here are a few examples of specific and measureable goals that trainees often set in the colder months:

  • Run a half marathon by April
  • Learn how to properly squat in order to strengthen hips and knees because of injuries accrued this summer from running on concrete.
  • Gain muscle mass while keeping body fat percentage the same.

Plan Ahead

In the warm months it’s very easy to get up off the couch and go for a run. You have a great scenery and it’s often a great way to get the kids or the furry companions out and about for a little while, too. Now that you will have to go back to working out in the basement with the TV on, it may be a little harder to find that motivation.

Find a time that is somewhat convenient for you. My advice is to hit the home gym immediately upon waking up or as soon as you hit the door after work. Generally, once you get home and relax a bit, it is much harder to want to get that workout in.

Lastly, plan your time while exercising wisely in order to be more efficient with your time!

Modify Your Routine

If you spent all summer running outside, spend some time this fall and winter trying to get stronger (just don’t forget cardio altogether). Find new body weight exercises or get creative by using weighted household items if you want a weighted routine – you will enjoy the change of pace!

Take Some Group Exercise Classes

Sometimes, the home gym just doesn’t cut it: don’t be afraid to branch out and try any variety of group training or group exercise classes.

The group atmosphere can be very motivating and help you develop some new friendships. Check your local gyms’ schedule and see what they offer that appeals to you. Chances are there is something that you will enjoy.

Transition Programs Wisely

It may seem easy to “jump all in” with the switch. However, going too hard or doing too much could leave you so sore that you won’t want to move for days on end.

Remember, if you have been doing bodyweight exercises or running a lot outdoors, your body will not be used to weights and therefore will need to adapt over time. Do not use maximum effort sets of anything when coming back into the gym for the first few weeks.

Take small increases in the weight being used. You need to give your body the opportunity to adapt, which takes time. Happy training!

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