Traditional workouts that will get you fit

June 12, 2013

It seems like every day you read about the best new fitness fad that will help you shed pounds and look years younger, but what about good-old-fashioned exercises like running or doing push ups? Are they still effective? As it turns out, yes! There’s no need to pay for a pricey fitness class when you have home gym equipment that will keep you fit.

Short bursts of intense running can be great for burning fat and strengthening your heart, especially when you jog in between each interval. Use your TRUE Fitness treadmill to create a program that will help you shed pounds, or follow one of the M30 treadmill’s preset workout routines for maximum effectiveness.

Jumping rope
All that jumping rope you did on the playground as a kid? Turns out it’s good for you as an adult too. Because jumping rope keeps your heart rate up, you can burn up to 100 calories in just eight minutes. Make sure you engage your abdominal muscles while you jump – it will help protect your knees and lower back.

Push ups and planks
If you want to tone your arms, grab a piece of floor and do a few push ups or planks. They’re also fantastic ab workouts, and can be a great compliment to any running you do on your TRUE Fitness treadmill.

If running isn’t your thing, try incorporating walking into your exercise routine. It’s perfect for fitness fanatics who have trouble with their joints, and plays a key role in preventing high blood pressure.

Step ups
While images of Richard Simmons and sweat bands may come to mind when you think of step ups, they are still an effective way to get your heart rate up. Whether you use yours stairs or an old box, step ups are a fantastic complement to any exercise routine.