Woman laying down looking at her clock avoiding exercise.

Three common excuses for avoiding exercise and how to ignore them

January 4, 2013

If you’re anything like the rest of us, it’s actually stepping onto your home gym equipment that’s the hardest part. Most often we find reasons, big or small, for avoiding exercise that day. There are always excuses to skip the gym. However, once you find that motivation and tell yourself reasons why you should be working out, you could be on your way to better overall health. Here are some of the top excuses when it comes to breaking a sweat:

I’m Too Busy

Of course, with a hectic schedule, exercising can be harder to come by. But this doesn’t mean it should be ignored altogether. Working out can be a big stress reliever from everything you have on your plate.

“You make your schedule and can find the time to devote 45 minutes to one hour to you,” explained The Huffington Post.

If you mark your weekly calendar and make time for a workout, even if it’s short, you’re less likely to skip it. You won’t have the same “I ran out of time” excuse because you made time! If you find there are days when you simply can’t spare an hour, try to fit in a little movement here and there. Forbes said ten minutes can really add up if you make a habit out of it. Take the stairs at work or go take your dog for a quick walk in the morning.

I’m Too Tired

When your alarm goes off first thing in the morning, it’s natural not to want to hop right out of bed and onto a cardio machine. When the morning sneaks up on you, remember why you want to work out. Really getting to the reason behind getting fit – whether it’s to relieve stress or just become healthier in general – you’re more likely to be motivated and stay motivated. Everyday Health said that once you get in the habit of up for an early morning jog, your body will become used to it and you’ll find it gets easier to wake up.

I Don’t Want To Exercise In Front Of Others

For some, going to the gym and breaking a sweat around strangers isn’t their idea of a good time. And who can blame them? According to Forbes, women are actually less likely to take a walk if they don’t see other women in the area exercising. Home gym equipment is an easy way to solve this issue. True Fitness designs premium cardio equipment like bikes, ellipticals and treadmills that are dedicated to giving you a smooth and quality workout. The TRUE Motivation Series of treadmills provides another layer of motivation for home workouts as well, with options like a heart rate cruise control that keeps you at a cardio level perfectly suited to your needs for the duration of the workout.