The Many Benefits of Exercising While Pregnant

June 25, 2015

Exercise is beneficial for everyone. But for pregnant women, exercising is an important part of staying healthy that’s beneficial for them and their baby. By remaining active during your pregnancy, you can rest assured that you are taking advantage of the many benefits that come along with exercising:

Improve Health for Both Mom & Baby

By exercising while pregnant, you will not only be improving your health but your baby’s. Exercising prepares your body for the labor process and may reduce the need for pain medications. It also helps reduce the chances of:

You also potentially improve your baby’s:

  • Heart
  • Memory
  • Weight

How you take care of yourself during pregnancy also affects your baby not only in-utero but throughout its entire life. According to research, children of mothers who exercised during pregnancy had better memories and higher scores on intelligence and language tests. Mothers who exercised and ate healthy during their pregnancies also tended to have babies with healthier birth weight.

Exercising Helps Boost Your Immune System

Pregnant or not, exercising will help boost your immune system and fight off harmful germs and viruses. A healthy immune system is especially important when you are pregnant.

When pregnant, women’s immune systems tend to overreact when faced with invaders like the flu. In addition to exercise, it’s very important to stay up-to-date on your immunizations. Not only are you protecting your own health, but the health of your baby.

Exercising Reduces Stress

Exercising while pregnant is a great way to reduce stress, both mentally and physically. Keep your body in shape and your body will feel less of the negative physical effects of pregnancy. It’s also a great way to unwind and boost your mood.

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