The Importance of Stretching

November 7, 2014

iStock_000023635513_XXXLargeThere are many different thoughts when it comes to the topic of stretching while working out. Some say before a workout is best, and others say after. No matter the situation, stretching is a MUST when you are going to be participating in any physical activity! Listed below are a few reasons why you need to make stretching a part of your workout routine.

1. Promotes flexibility. Stretching promotes flexibility within your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which allows for your joints to utilize their full range of motion. This is beneficial, as your body is active and moving in many directions when taking part in physical activity. With increased flexibility comes a decreased risk of injury!

2. Preparation for stress. By stretching your muscles before completing a workout, you are preparing your muscles and joints for the stress of the physical activity; so that they are better prepared to handle it. However, using an improper technique can make stretching less effective. In order to ensure proper technique is being used while stretching, try out the TRUE StretchTM. This equipment ensures correct stretching techniques by providing a detailed placard demonstrating each possible stretch that can be done using the machine, along with providing a dedicated zone for stretching out of the way of others working out.

No matter the activity, stretching is always beneficial when done properly. Stretched muscles perform better during physical activity which will get you your results faster! For more information about the TRUE StretchTM  or any other TRUE products, please visit the TRUE Fitness website.