The Best Workout Routine for Men Over 40

December 3, 2015


Have you turned 40? Are you having a hard time completing the workouts you have been used to for so many years? That’s normal! As we age, our bodies often require different needs and ways to stay fit. Take a look at these top workouts for men over 40 that will help you keep on track with your fitness goals without being overworked or discouraged:

Keep Your Body Flexible by Stretching

Before beginning your workout regimen, you should always remember to stretch. Stretching allows your muscles to warm up and be more flexible. Stretching reduces your risk of injury when exercising, such as pulling a muscle. Stretching is especially important for men over 40, since connective tissues dry out slightly, reducing flexibility. Even if you don’t plan to work out that day, it’s still a good idea to give your body a good stretch to keep yourself loose and feeling your best.

Keep Your Bones Strong with Strength Training

Use strength training to keep your bones healthy and maintain muscle mass. This training is especially important for men over 40, as we lose muscle mass as we age--mostly due to inactivity and lower testosterone levels. Strength training can be achieved by:

No matter which strength exercise you choose to complete, don’t overload yourself. Start out slow and work your way up to heavier weights. If you find that regular push-ups put a lot of strain on you, try an angled push-up on a couch or stair.

Use Ellipticals or Cushioned Treadmill Decks for Joint Pain

Do you find your joints hurting after running on your treadmill? If so, it may be wise to retire the old tread and opt for a more joint-friendly exercise machine like an elliptical. Elliptical machines are great for the joints because they involve zero impact while completing an intense cardio workout.

If you can’t bear to part with your beloved treadmill, look into purchasing a treadmill with a more cushioned deck to reduce much of the impact of each stride. TRUE treadmills offer “Soft Select,” which allows users to choose how soft or firm the running surface will be.

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