The Best Time to Buy a Gym Membership

November 21, 2014

iStock_000025206593_DoubleThere is no definitive period of time that is best for everyone as a whole to sign up for a gym membership. Each person is different and has different wants/needs when it comes to working out. However, even though no two people are the exact same, the criteria that will help you decide when is best to purchase a gym membership can be useful for everyone. Each of these factors will ultimately help you determine the right time to purchase a gym membership.

The Time of Year. For a lot of people, taking advantage of the great outdoors is the easiest (and cheapest!) way to get into shape. Whether it is running, hiking, biking, etc., there are so many ways in which taking up an outdoor activity can benefit you in your overall fitness. However, when the weather starts to turn cold, it is often hard to motivate yourself to get outside. This is when it would be suggested to start thinking about purchasing a gym membership. If you can’t convince yourself that running in freezing temperatures is worth it, spend a little extra money for the membership and run indoors. It’s worth the money if it keeps you moving!

Your Schedule. A lot of the time it depends on a person’s individual schedule. There are times when you just have too much going on, and hitting the gym every night just isn’t realistic. If this is the case, wait until your calendar clears up a bit more before going and spending the money to buy a gym membership. The money it takes to purchase the membership is only worth it if you are using it!

Personal Preference. Some people simply prefer to workout using indoor gym equipment than going outside for a run. If this is the case, go ahead and get yourself that gym membership! Another option would be to invest in at-home gym equipment such as a PS300 Treadmill by TRUE Fitness.

Money. Signing up for a gym membership should not be a decision that is made impulsively. It is an investment and commitment that you will want to make sure is appropriate given your current and near-future financial status. Doing a little research on the monthly cost and contract periods of different gyms would be beneficial when deciding which gym, or any gym at all. Also, keep your eye out for special promotions that gyms will run throughout the year, as this could make your initial monthly membership even cheaper!