Meet Our Performance Series Treadmills

November 2, 2023

The next-generation Performance Series Treadmills bring our continued innovations from our hundred series to our thousand series with a modern design, user-friendly consoles, and a premium running experience. Training from home can be comfortable and customizable depending on your desires and training needs. Choose from our Performance 1000, 3000, or 8000, all built to withstand the most challenging workouts and provide smooth, quiet quality with unflinching durability. Look deeper at our lineup to find which treadmill is right for you. 

Performance 1000
Our Performance 1000 Treadmill gives users the ability to have affordable quality without skimping on premium technology and engineering. You will notice the polished design of the treadmill and its easy-to-use consoles. Designed with your safety in mind, the Performance 1000 has TRUE’s patented safety clip, which is easily accessible at any given moment, as the extended handrails provide stability when needed. Are you looking for comfort? Our Soft System® offers a bio-mechanically correct running surface, giving you an experience that will provide you comfort for many runs ahead. In addition, it includes an app integration to track your workouts on your phone using GymTrakr. With comfort and affordable quality, see if the Performance 1000 is made for you.  

Performance 3000
The treadmill is suited for all fitness levels; the Performance 3000 Treadmill offers enhanced features without losing any details from the Performance 1000—experience enhanced comfort as we’ve added our orthopedic belt, which provides additional impact reduction on joints and knees. As you have seamless integration with GymTrakr, you can also connect to Zwift for intense training and the opportunity to run in various virtual worlds. 

Performance 8000
The Performance 8000 Treadmill offers top-of-the-line features, including a customizable experience with our Soft Select® adjustable deck. Slide the knob located on the side of the machine and choose your desired running surface soft like a track, firm like pavement, or anything in-between. With the TRUE HRC program on all three models, you can enter your target heart rate for maximum results. TRUE HRC Heat Rate Curise Control™ will automatically adjust your speed and incline once you’ve hit your target heart rate. As a bonus, every purchase includes a Polar® Heart Rate Strap to pair your machine and track your heart rate seamlessly. The Performance 8000, like all three models, is constructed with commercial-grade materials and premium components, so each piece of equipment feels and functions like a commercial machine in the comfort of your home. 

Console Customization
All three machines offer two console options to complete the treadmill, depending on your training needs and price point. Our T9 Touchscreen provides an HD touchscreen that displays your workout data. Easily switch between screens, have up to 6 user profiles stored, and challenge yourself in workouts such as Rolling Hills, Speed Ramp, or the Cardio Challenge. Connect Bluetooth devices such as app connectivity to GymTrakr,  your heart rate strap, and your headphones. Our 8.5” LCD allows you to access workouts with our quick touch keys, challenge yourself with our preset activities, and connect to the GymTrakr app via Bluetooth. 

Tailor Your Training
The choice is yours, and all three machines are ready to meet your specific training needs. From premium experiences, commercial materials, and comfort customizability, a Performance Series Treadmill is prepared to challenge your most strenuous workouts. Shop today and explore which model is suitable for you.