Improve running regimen with yoga

August 13, 2013

Cross training in fitness can have a multitude of benefits, including injury prevention, improved ability and added flexibility. It also keeps workouts dynamic and interesting so your body doesn’t plateau and can keep seeing the benefits of physical activity.

Running is one activity that people either love or hate. For lovers of running, injuries are a common problem from twisted ankles to shin splints, tendonitis and other complications. Adding yoga to your fitness plan can have a host of benefits.

Why yoga?
In between runs on a fitness treadmill like the True M30 Home Treadmill, runners might find yoga just what they need to become even better.

Yoga itself has been proven to reduce stress, ease aches and pain and increase flexibility.

In terms of running, yoga can help improve times and personal records as well as work trouble areas like hip flexors, quads, hamstrings and core muscles which will allow you to run more efficiently.

Running causes physical imbalances in the body. Frequently used muscles, mainly in the legs, can become overworked and stressed. Running also requires serious mental concentration, particularly running long distances. It truly becomes mind over matter making your brain work just has hard as your body to finish the miles. Yoga stretches out those overly tight muscles and helps restore balance by strengthening what is weak. Certain yoga poses target what’s important to runners, like calves, back, shoulders and other body parts, stretching and strengthening the muscles. Runners will feel better, be more stable and feel balanced.

Yoga can also help runners determine the difference between good pain and bad pain by making them more aware of their bodies. Yoga teaches them to pay attention to the sensations of their body, and through this self-awareness, runners will be able to tell whether they’re experiencing a good muscle burn, like what they feel holding a yoga pose or if something feels off or wrong like a potential injury.