How to Use Your Home Treadmill to Train for a 5K

April 2, 2013

If your springtime resolution is to finally run a 5K, you may have to overcome a few mental hurdles before you’re ready to take your running routine public. To avoid becoming discouraged as you train for your first 5K, the most important thing to do is take it slow. Follow these tips and you’ll be a racing success in no time:

1. Have the right equipment
Having the right home fitness equipment could prove to be critical for staving off injury as you begin your training. The TRUE Fitness M50 treadmill is specifically designed to reduce the impact on your ankles, knees, hips and back, which makes it perfect for anyone who’s just getting their start as a regular runner.

2. Set your goal
If you really want to get serious about your running routine, sign up for a 5K so you will have a definitive goal to work towards as you begin your training. Ask a friend to sign up with you so you can hold each other accountable as you make your way towards race day. Using a compatible fitness app will allow you to track your training and ensure you are reaching your goal.

3. Warm up
Never jump right onto your treadmill without stretching beforehand, especially early in your 5K training. Taking a few walking lunges, swinging your legs and marching in place will help prevent injuries as you train.

4. Take it slow
Don’t expect to run an entire 5K on your first day of training. Remember: it’s a goal you’re working towards. Start off by walking for half an hour every day, then alternate walking and running until you are able to run for a full 30 minutes. Listen to your body. If you’re in pain, it’s OK to take a break.

5. Have a plan
You’ll need to give yourself enough time prior to your 5K race date to get yourself in shape – anywhere from four to 10 weeks depending upon your athletic ability. Write out a training plan before you get started so you can stay organized and be ready for your first 5K!