Healthy living adds years to your life

May 21, 2013

There are more reasons to get fit and stay healthy than losing weight – it could add years onto your life! Research has shown that there are a variety of benefits that come with healthy living, particularly as you reach middle age. People in their 40s and 50s who stay fit and have optimal heart health can live up to 14 years longer than those who do not. Wondering what exactly you can do to extend the length of your life? Take a look:

Exercise daily
Regular exercise has a variety of health benefits – walking on your home treadmill for just half an hour per day can add roughly two years to your life! An improvement in your fitness level can also greatly reduce your risk of heart failure. The TRUE Fitness PS300 treadmill is equipped with TRUE HRC Cruise Controlâ„¢, allowing you to lock into your target heart rate and make sure you’re getting the type of cardio workout that could add years onto your life.

Drink plenty of water
While there may be some disagreement as to exactly how much water you should drink every day, experts do agree that it’s important to stay hydrated. In fact, studies have shown that men who drink five 8-ounce glasses of water every day are 54 percent less likely to have a fatal heart attack than those who drink less than two glasses daily.

Get enough rest
Did you ever think that the exact opposite of exercising – sleeping – could also prolong your life? It’s true! If you manage to go to bed just 15 minutes earlier every night, it adds up to 7.5 hours each month. Sleep is important because it gives your body time to rejuvenate, and getting enough of it can add three years to your life.

Stay home when you’re sick
On those days when you’re feeling a little bit under the weather but drag yourself to the office anyway, you could actually be doing a long-term disservice to your health. According to research from the U.K., you can greatly decrease your risk of having a heart attack throughout the course of your life if you simply stay in bed when you’re not feeling well.

Eat healthy
No healthy-living plan would be complete without the right food. In addition to regular exercise, it’s important to maintain a diet that’s packed with fruits and vegetables. Fish, nuts and whole grains can also do a great deal to keep you fit. All told, you can add as much as 14 years onto your life with a healthy diet.