Finding the Right Personal Trainer for You

August 13, 2015

Getting some important coordination trainingDeciding to hire a personal trainer is a great route for women who are beginning to work out regularly but may not know how to reach their fitness goals. However, it is extremely important that you find the personal trainer that will be best for your body, motivations, and specific goals.

Do They Have a Positive Motivation Style?

One of the best benefits of having a personal trainer is the constant motivation that will push you harder in order to achieve your fitness goals. There are many ways to motivate an individual, so you need to make sure that your personal trainer understands how to motivate you best.


A personal trainer should never push you to go beyond your physical limit. Doing so could result in injury.  A good trainer will work with you to train within your limits, and then step up the intensity when you are ready.

Do the Techniques They Use Work for You?

Make sure the techniques your personal trainer uses will get you the results you are looking for. One of the perks of hiring a personal trainer is to gain access to the latest techniques and knowledge, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Do They Have Professional Experience?

Finding a personal trainer with years of experience means they have the knowledge and first-hand experience to help you reach your fitness goals. While personal trainers aren’t always required to be certified, it is recommended that you find one who is. Certification shows that the individual has passed necessary coursework like CPR and has worked under another trainer.

Do They Have Compatible Hours?

Personal trainers are next to useless if they cannot fit into your schedule. Look for someone who will be available during times that work for you. If it’s going to be a hassle to make an appointment with them each week, they are probably not the right trainer for you.

Is the Offered Price Reasonable for the Training Provided?

You shouldn’t break the bank while pursuing your fitness goals. Different personal trainers charge different amounts based on the services they provide and the time spent. But on average, costs for a personal trainer ranges from $15 to $100 per hour. Keep in mind, private trainers cost more than those who work at a commercial gym.

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