3 Signs You Need New Fitness Equipment

November 12, 2015

RES Need New Fitness EquipmentHaving a home gymis a great way to get in shape, but only if the equipment is working right. After we have owned a piece of fitness equipment for years, we get used to how it’s functioning and often don’t notice when something is wrong. You could possibly injure yourself or others if the equipment isn’t maintained or needs to be replaced. Take a look at the signs below to see if it’s time to replace your old fitness equipment:

There are Worn or Missing Parts

Check your fitness equipment on a regular basis for any worn or missing parts. While this sign may seem obvious, many of us tend to overlook a worn piece of fitness equipment and convince ourselves it works just fine. While the equipment could still be working, if it is severely worn or even missing pieces, it is a good indication that its past it’s prime and may no longer be providing you with the best workout like it used to.

There are Odd Noises or Smells

Again, this advice seems obvious, but when we become used to the occasional odd noise or smell, it’s hard to convince ourselves that it’s because something is wrong. When using your fitness equipment, take note if there are any out-of-the norm noises and smells taking place like:

Noises could mean loose or broken parts and the smell of burning rubber could be a sign of worn parts that need to be replaced. It’s especially important to get burning smells checked out, as they could be a potential fire hazard.

The Console is Malfunctioning

While the console is not what gives you the workout, it does help you keep track of how well you’re working out. If your console isn’t working properly anymore, it’s time to upgrade. The reason being, if the console is losing its capabilities, other parts of the equipment could be as well. Plus, who wants to work out and not know how far they’ve run or biked and many calories they’ve burned?

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