10 Things Athletes Need In Their Bags

10 Things Athletes Need In Their Bags

March 16, 2021

Athletes are always on the go, which is why they need to carry bags with them. These bags must contain everything they need for hygienic purposes, medicinal purposes, and emergencies. The following are 10 things athletes need in their bags. Read through it to ensure that you have everything you need if you’re an athlete:

1. A Water Bottle

Water is the most essential item that you’ll need to add to your gym bag. It will keep you healthy at all times, not just when you’re working out. Make sure you have a nice bottle in your bag that you can fill with water throughout the day. Stay hydrated according to the recommendations from leading providers. The general recommendation is to consume at least eight 8-oz glasses of water every day. That amount should be increased with the level of activity you partake in.

You Need A Water Bottle In Your Gym Bag

2. Protein-Rich Snacks

You should have protein-rich snacks like protein chips in your bag at all times, as well. Protein can help you burn fat and gain muscle weight. Check the minimum protein intake requirements to ensure that you always get enough protein in your system. You’ll need more protein if you’re highly active throughout the day.

3. A Lock

Most fitness facilities have lockers for their customers. However, they don’t always provide locks for such people. You should put a lock in your bag to ensure that you always have a way to put your precious possessions in a safe place when you’re exercising.

4. Pain Relief Items

Being an athlete always involves some level of pain. That’s why it would be wise for you to keep some pain relief items in your bag. For example, you may want to buy pain spray that you can spray on your injury sites when you pull a muscle or overwork yourself. The pain spray can go in your bag, and you can apply it to your sensitive area any time you need to.

5. A Towel

You should always have your own personal towel in your bag when you travel. You may want to carry two towels with you. You can use one towel for wiping the sweat from your head and other areas when you work out. The second towel can be for after you take your shower to get cleaned up after your performance.

6. A Change Of Clothes

As an athlete, you should always have a change of clothes with you. You’ll need clean clothes to change into after your workout. You’ll also need some emergency workout clothes just in case something happens while you’re at the fitness center. Be sure to bring extra sets of socks and underwear.

A Change Of Clothes

7. Personal Care Items

Don’t ever forget to pack your personal care items as they’re essential to maintaining your hygiene. Personal items are items such as toothpaste, deodorant lotions, and creams. Stores sell small personal care items for traveling. You may want to look into buying some of those items for yourself. You’ll be glad you thought of the idea.

8. Music

No workout session is complete without some tunes. You’ll need a source of music as well as a way to listen to it. Alternatively, you might want to create your own special playlist on your phone and take the phone with you. Make sure you have an awesome set of headphones, as well.

9. Monitor For Heart Rate

It would be a good idea to bring a heart rate monitor with you so that you can see how your heart is doing every day. Bring one with you just in case the facility you visit doesn’t have them. Polar products connect seamlessly with select TRUE cardio equipment. Members simply connect via the “Heart Rate” feature on select consoles to accurately track Heart Rate workouts.

10. Weightlifting Belt

You should also have a belt of some kind. Take a weightlifting belt to support your back if you’re into lifting heavyweights.

Start Getting Your Gym Bag Ready Today

Now you know what you’ll need to make your bag complete. Start gathering these items as a starter. You’ll think of more items as you go along.