Why Buy TRUE?

Choosing the right fitness equipment for your home can be overwhelming, but investing in a TRUE machine is always a smart decision.


Customers love our equipment because it looks good, feels great and is built to last. Our engineers are on location during manufacturing to ensure each and every machine meets their standards. And our treadmills, ellipticals and bikes face rigorous testing to guarantee they are fit for extended use, whether at the gym or in your home. The result? Exceptional quality with smooth, quiet performance and unparalleled durability.


Our selection of cardio and strength machines are built to meet your needs, with innovative features that make your workouts safe, comfortable and effective. Here are just some of the technologies we’ve pioneered over the years.

HRC® Cruise Control
Set a target heart rate, and the machine automatically adjusts speed, resistance and incline throughout your workout to help you monitor and maintain it.

Soft Step
Decrease the stress of impact on joints and eliminate foot numbness with orthopedic footpads on our ellipticals.

Soft Select®
Modify the firmness of your treadmill belt for a tailored experience–softer to protect sore joints or firmer to mimic the feeling of training on hard pavement.

Soft System®
Available on select treadmills to decrease impact and stress on your joints, so you can run longer and further with less pain.

AutoStride® Technology
Get the most natural and effective movement possible with this elliptical feature.

Core Drive® system
Diversify your elliptical workout experience with upper, lower, and full body workouts.

Cardio 360™ virtual trainer program
Get motivated to reach your fitness goals through a guided full body workout.



Throughout the life of your machine, our incredible customer service team is there to support you. We’ll guide you through choosing the right equipment, selecting the delivery and installation option that best fits your needs and answering any questions you may have.

Built on decades of experience and constantly refined over time, our machines have a reputation for exceptional reliability. But if there’s ever a problem, our expert support team is on call to help you troubleshoot or quickly schedule any necessary repairs to get you back to your routine in no time.