Why Gym Source Clients Love TRUE Treadmills

May 30, 2013

At Gym Source, we take great pride in showcasing the fitness industry’s top brands and in giving our customers unmatched technical expertise in the brands we carry. That’s why we proudly recommend fitness equipment from TRUE Fitness to our clients, and it’s why our clients love TRUE treadmills in particular: They’re the most technically superior treadmills on the market today, bar none.

First, no other treadmill brand features an orthopedic belt that matches TRUE’s high standards. At Gym Source, we (and our clients, who are among the most fitness-savvy people around) preview a lot of treadmills all claiming to have the thickest or most comfortable belt but only TRUE’s orthopedic belt actually provides a softer deck cushion in front where foot impact takes place, and gives a consistently firm foot push-off towards the back. Not only does TRUE’s design deliver less stress on ankles, knees, hips, and back, but it’s an innovation that Gym Source customers tell us helps them get more from their running shoes (the benefits of which are often negated by a poor-quality treadmill deck).

Second, Gym Source customers appreciate how easy TRUE treadmills help them monitor their heart rate. The innovative HRC Cruise Control feature, which automatically adjusts the treadmill’s speed and incline to maintain a target heart rate throughout workout duration, is TRUE’s most important feature for many Gym Source clients particularly those training for sport-specific events or recovering from surgery.

Finally, Gym Source clients love that their TRUE treadmill is built to last. With commercial-grade materials and the industry’s best components coupled with a great warranty from TRUE and service plan from Gym Source TRUE’s superior quality gives our customers the satisfaction of knowing they’ve purchased a treadmill primed to withstand years of heavy use.

Gym Source is thrilled to carry TRUE treadmills in all of our 31 showrooms. TRUE is one of Gym Source’s most popular brands, and of course TRUE treadmills are consistently among our top-selling items. With unmatched technical innovation, it’s easy to see why.