Which TRUE PS Series Treadmill is Right for You?

November 27, 2015

holiday treadmillsThinking of buying a treadmill this Christmas? TRUE Fitness Technology began with the treadmill, so it’s no surprise that we take pride in each and every one we produce for our customers. TRUE offers many different of residential treadmills, but our most popular series by far is the PS series treadmill.

Across the Board Quality

Before we go into how each PS Treadmill stands on its own, let’s take a moment to look at what they all have in common. There are four PS series treadmill models you can choose from, and each offers:

  • 0-15% incline range
  • Residential warranty
  • 5-12.0 MPH speed range
  • Protective dipped foam flared handrails
  • Polar® compatible
  • 25″ Step-Up height
  • 60″L x 21″ wide running surface

Despite the identical base features, each PS series treadmill is engineered and designed with your needs in mind. Our quality components and construction allow our machines to withstand even the most aggressive exercisers and fit the needs of both beginner and seasoned runners.

PS100 Treadmill: Simplicity is the Key

The PS100 treadmill is our basic model within this series. It features Quick Speed and Quick Incline keys. The 7-inch Integrated LCD screen provides the user with useful data such as:

  • Calories burned
  • Distance run
  • Time spent

The PS100 also provides the user with contact heart rate grips and HRC Cruise Control, so that even the most advanced user can be satisfied with their workout. This treadmill would best suit an individual or family that isn’t looking for advanced features, but rather a simple machine that will allow them to experience a great workout from the get-go. No extra buttons or screens to worry about–just pure running.

PS300 Treadmill: Easy Going on the Joints

The PS300 treadmill is a step above the PS100. As an upgraded feature, this model provides users with an orthopedic belt that will cushion the user’s impact with every stride, protecting the joints and lowering the chances of pain and injury. This treadmill is a good choice for someone who enjoys running often but finds the traditional tread to be too hard on their joints and want something softer.

PS800 Treadmill: You Choose the Terrain

The PS800 treadmill steps it up even further from the PS300 by offering our 9-inch Escalate color active console, which includes many pre-programmed workouts. This treadmill also includes Soft Select, which allows users to choose the softness or firmness of the running deck, for their optimal comfort. Combined with the incline range, it’s perfect for the runner seeking to mix up their running environment or have more control over the terrain. The PS800 also has a sleek aluminum side straddle cover that really brings the design of the treadmill to life and will exude elegance in any home.

PS825 Treadmill: Have It All

The PS825 treadmill is our highest end treadmill offered in this series. This machine really does have it all, including:

TRUE’s Escalate15 is compatible with the PS825 and offers many interactive features that will keep even the toughest critics coming back for more. This treadmill is ideal for the running junkie who finds it boring to simply hop on and run and wants the best features they can get. With all of the entertainment features this treadmill and console pairing has to offer, anyone will look forward to using it.

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