What should I look for in a mobile fitness app?

January 20, 2014

Every day, Gym Source clients enter our showrooms looking for the latest innovations in fitness. More and more, they also come looking for the best mobile apps to enhance their fitness regimen and results. That said, here’s the Gym Source perspective on what makes a good mobile fitness app-so you can get the most from your top-rated TRUE treadmill, elliptical trainer or indoor bike.

1. It must be EASY

First and foremost, a great training app has to be easy-to download, install, and above all, navigate. There should be no difficulty in setting it up and getting started. The best apps, like the My TRUE Fitness App, make it easy to sign in (using Facebook, for example) and get going quickly. And of course, the easier it is to integrate with your fitness equipment console software, the better.

2. It must be PERSONAL

Any worthwhile training app must be customizable. No two bodies are the same, and neither are any two schedules, energy levels, or experience levels. What’s more, your ideal mobile app should be as robust and flexible as your workout.

Take the My TRUE Fitness App: The choice of three different ‘coaches’ is phenomenal. Not only does this amazing feature track your progress and provide motivation, it also lets you select from among a variety of coaches to suit your skill level and personality style.

3. It must be ACCURATE

The most important thing a worthy mobile fitness app can do is keep track of your progress. You need to gauge past performance versus current performance, certainly-but there also have to be some built-in tools to analyze that performance. Most of all, data like calories burned, heart rate, time elapsed and distance covered are only as good as they are accurate. Again, the My TRUE Fitness App takes top honors here.

If you have access to TRUE fitness equipment already-or if you’re looking for a way to get even more from the TRUE machines on your wish list-a robust mobile fitness app can help. What’s more, the My TRUE Fitness App can be the perfect complement to your workout.