Trend watch: fat running shoes for 2014

January 23, 2014

The trend of barefoot and minimalist running shoes is taking a backseat in 2014 to a new type of footwear: the fat running shoe.

Anyone who spends ample time running on their home treadmill knows the importance of the proper pair of kicks. Running shoes are specifically designed to absorb the impact of your feet pounding the ground or belt, and they help distribute weight evenly to lower your risk of injury.

Every time you step on that home gym equipment, it’s a good idea to wear the proper gear, from pants and tops designed for a jog or a sprint to shoes designed for runners.

There are a variety of styles and fashions when it comes to running shoes, and for a while, minimalist shoes were all the rage, putting very little between your foot and your running surface. Now the tides have turned and maximum shoes, or fat shoes, are gaining serious popularity.

Why fat running shoes?
According to the online magazine Competitor, fat running shoes offer major cushioning that feels more comfortable every time you strike the ground. They also lessen stress on your feet, legs and body that is created by impact. The website also notes that some runners feel the additional foam reduces the amount of time they need to recover following a long run or a race.

Men and women who tried the minimalist shoe trend but found issues with the lack of support or cushioning might find fat running shoes a better option. It’s important for runners to examine the shape of their feet and how they run. This can help determine what type of shoe is the best fit. Knowing whether you have low, high or average arches, as well as what part of your foot hits the ground with each strike, can make a difference. Some people walk and run on the outside of their feet, others put more weight on the inside and others distribute their weight more evenly.

If running in barefoot shoes caused a lot of pain or left you injured, they may not be the right option for you. You shouldn’t have to worry about problems when you step on your fitness treadmill, especially if you’re running a lot in preparation for a race. Trying the new trend of fat running shoes could make all the difference and allow you to progress with your fitness plans.