Woman Running On TRUE® S.O.F.T System Soft Select Treadmill. An orthopedically correct treadmill.


September 13, 2022

For over 40 years, TRUE Fitness has been developing and innovating some of the most orthopedically correct treadmills in the industry. Our concept behind TRUE treadmill decks was based on the idea of running shoes. Frank Trulaske, Founder and CEO of TRUE Fitness since 1981, being a runner, took that mentality and put it into crafting a running deck that is comfortable and orthopedically sound.

We’ve spent many years defining how our residential treadmills should feel from the first foot plant until the final push-off. TRUE’s Soft Technology has made us the company we are today and is considered a trademark of the TRUE heritage.


TRUE strives to perfect biomechanically correct and orthopedically comfortable, functional products. Whether it be the mesh seat in the recumbent bike, the Soft Step® in the elliptical cross-trainers or the Soft System® featured in some of our treadmill decks, comfort and safety are always at the forefront of the design.

Part of our premium treadmill experience lies in our S.O.F.T. (Shock Absorbing, Orthopedically Correct, Foot Plant, Transfer) System deck. The Soft System, patented in 1992, provides a softer deck cushion to help relieve joint impact.

The system consists of neoprene shock absorbers in the front third of the deck to cushion each foot strike, while the back of the deck provides a firmer sensation allowing for a stronger push-off with each step.


Some TRUE treadmills feature our patented TRUE Soft Select® System, which allows users to modify the firmness of the running belt for a tailored experience. Adjusting the impact on a scale of 1 to 8 (with one being the softest and eight the firmest) provides the perfect impact levels for every user regardless of fitness level, injury level, or otherwise.

On the softest settings, the front of the deck has more area to flex. By moving the pivot forward, the deck has greater support toward the front and flexes less, providing a firmer impact. Firmer impact allows less energy to be lost from the running motion.

For instance, if you train to run outside on a hard surface like pavement, adjusting the belt to a more challenging scale will help acclimate your body to the running surface. Likewise, a softer belt is easier on your joints while creating resistance—perfect for building leg strength.

Man Running On TRUE Fitness Soft Select Treadmill. An orthopedically correct treadmill.


TRUE was the first to introduce an orthopedic belt on a treadmill in 2001. Specifically designed and built only for TRUE, the increased thickness and special material provide additional shock absorption without sacrificing the natural feel. We crafted this belt as a lower-impact alternative to outdoor running on pavement or hard terrain. According to Treadmill.com, TRUE Fitness has the “best orthopedic belt system on the market.”

The orthopedic belt is an excellent choice if you experience joint pain or want a softer running surface. With an orthopedic belt, your joints will easily absorb shock upon impact while allowing you to push off the treadmill firmly. With a softer surface, you can get into your daily running routine knowing you are taking care of your joint health.

TRUE S.O.F.T. System – Orthopedically Correct Treadmills