TRUE Soft Technology® Offers Comfortable Workouts

November 10, 2016

It is no secret that we at TRUE Fitness strive to constantly innovate across the full product line. In staying true to our mission and our trademark, TRUE endeavors to build fitness equipment that is biomechanically correct while also being orthopedically comfortable. TRUE’s Soft Technology® has made us the company we are today and is considered a trademark of the TRUE heritage.

A Full Body Experience with Soft Technology®

TRUE provides elements of the soft system throughout our cardio equipment, including:

  • The Soft Step® in our elliptical trainers
  • The Soft System® in our treadmills
  • Mesh seats in our recumbent bikes

We strive to provide the best and least-impactful cardio experience regardless of what type of equipment best meets your fitness needs. In addition, TRUE Soft System® is now standard on all TRUE treadmills, providing a softer deck cushion to relieve joint impact. Encompassed within the TRUE Soft System® are the TRUE Soft Select and the orthopedic belt for a comfortable running experience.

TRUE Soft Select® Allows You to Customize Your Impact

With Soft Select, users can modify the firmness of the running belt for a tailored experience. Adjusting the impact on a scale of 1 to 8 (with 1 being the softest and 8 the hardest) provides the perfect impact levels for every person no matter the fitness level, injury level, or otherwise.

For instance, if you are training to run outside on a hard surface like pavement, adjusting the belt to a harder scale will acclimate your body to the running surface. Likewise, a softer belt is easier on your joints while creating resistance—perfect for building up leg strength.

The TRUE Soft Select feature is equipped on many TRUE treadmills like the new Performance 800.

TRUE’s Orthopedic Belt is Easy on Joints

TRUE was the first to introduce an orthopedic belt on a treadmill in 2001. The orthopedic belt is offered on TRUE’s Performance 300 and is designed as a lower-impact alternative to outdoor running on pavement or hard ground. According to Treadmill.com, TRUE Fitness has the “best orthopedic belt system on the market”

The orthopedic belt is a good choice if you experience joint pain from arthritis or injury or simply want a softer running surface. With an orthopedic belt, your joints will easily absorb shock upon impact while letting you to firmly push off the treadmill. With a softer surface, you can get in your daily running routine knowing you are taking care of your joint health.

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