No-cook summer foods for the avid runner

July 30, 2013

The summer makes everything hotter, and most people don’t want to fire up the grill or stove after a tough workout in the sun. So what is an avid runner to do when hunger strikes? Try these no-cook recipes to keep the temperature down, eat healthy, and get your body the nutrition it needs to properly recover. 

Men’s Health gives a number of reasons why eating raw can be a healthy summer option. Many fruits and vegetables will be local and in-season for the summer, and these fresh tastes can satiate hunger more effectively than their imported or refrigerated counterparts. A visit to the farmer’s market can mean significantly better tasting food while avoiding excessive processing.

Use the blender
Furthermore, certain produce contains a lot of water – an easy way to keep hydrated. Watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, tomatoes and celery all house enough water to quell your thirst after a run. In the summertime, you’re bound to sweat even if you skipped the outside run in favor of a jog on your TRUE M30 Home Treadmill. Many runners enjoy using these watery fruits to make a cold smoothie you can keep in your cup holder to help your appetite and body temperature before or after a run. The simple sugars are easy for your body to break down, meaning it can provide your body with energy to work harder or help recover more quickly afterwards.

Slushies and smoothies can both come in handy during the hot summer months, and they’re an excellent time-saver as well for the busy athlete. You can prepare everything beforehand and throw it all in the blender in no time. Runner’s World advises making smoothie cups in a muffin pan and freezing them. When you’re feeling worn out after a run, you won’t have much work to do to make a recovery shake – just add milk or water and blend.

The publication also recommends another no-cook approach to your fruits. You can mix any kind of fruit into a bowl of Greek yogurt and granola for a homemade parfait. Bananas, peaches and a variety of berries are the most popular selections, as their strong taste helps liven up plain yogurt. These take very little assembly – just a bowl and a spoon with which to mix it all together.

Eating healthy without cooking is entirely possible with these tips at your disposal. Use them to help get the most out of your summer running regiment.