Woman doing a mini workout while working at home during pandemic lockdown

Mini Workouts Are on The Rise in 2022

May 12, 2022

Do you feel like you never have time to get in a good workout, even when working from home? There are only so many hours in the day and it’s easy to let other tasks take precedence. Despite fitness facilities opening back up, people are still struggling to find time in their busy schedules for a workout. If this sounds like a problem you’re facing, it may be time to switch up your approach to fitness.

Mini Workouts offer the perfect solution. These workouts focus on moving your body in short intervals, whether at home or in the gym, to achieve a complete workout by the end of the day. Reaching your fitness goals doesn’t have to consume your life, these short bursts of activity throughout the day will help you look good and feel good.

What is A Mini Workout?

A mini workout is a series of movements that only take a few minutes to complete and don’t require you to change clothes or locations. They typically take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to perform with little to no rest and generally consist of quick cardio sessions, mobility, strength, and HIIT training.

Some examples of cardio variations include going for a walk, stepping on a climber, or enjoying a quick bike ride. For mobility, you can get out your favorite yoga mat and take yourself through a flow and stretch session. For strength, you can grab weights and run through a few movements for a good burn.

Mini Workouts vs. Traditional Workouts

Whether you’re working from home or are back in an office, we all struggle with finding time for physical activity. Mini workouts are a great way to get moving without sacrificing a full hour of your day. Those who work a desk job may find them especially helpful to loosen up throughout the day.

Sitting for long periods of time can take a toll on our bodies so it’s important to take active breaks. Mini workouts are the perfect way for you to get your blood flowing, stretch your muscles, and refocus your mind.

You can switch up the types of mini workouts you do throughout the week or even the day. No need for a personal trainer or hours of complex cardio or strength training, mini workouts allow you all of the control without the time commitment.

Can You Use Equipment with Mini Workouts?

Absolutely! With mini workouts, you can use all sorts of different exercise equipment including strength machines, cardio machines, resistance bands, and weights. For those who work remotely, there are a wide variety of mini workouts that can be done at home.

For those who are able to make it to a gym, you can use almost any piece of equipment available to you. The idea is that you can do pretty much any movement you’d like, you’ll just be doing that movement for a short period of time sporadically throughout the day.

Mini Workout Routines

Important Note: These workouts are suggestions. Please be sure to consult with your doctor before beginning a new workout regime and modify or quit a movement if it is causing discomfort.


12 eachLateral Leg SwingsSwing leg across the front of the body, then out and away.
12 eachFrontal Leg SwingsSwing leg straight in front of the body and then straight back.
12 eachAlternating Side LungesLunge out sideways and then return to starting position, alternating sides.
20Air SquatsNo-weight. Place feet shoulder-width apart and squat to a 90-degree angle or slightly below.
10Inchworm Walk-OutsFrom a standing position, bend forward and touch the ground. Walk your hands out bringing your body to a plank position. Return to starting position.
20 Forward + ReverseArm Circles Small to LargeWith arms straight out, begin making circles forward starting small and making them larger as you near 20 reps.


Mini Workout 1: Cardio + HIIT – 10 mins

1 min moderate pacePalisade Climber
30 secsSquat DropsQuickly drop into a squat position then return to a standing position. Keep repeating.
30 secsHigh KneesQuickly alternate bringing your knees up to your chest height.
1 min moderate pace900 Upright Bike
30 secsMountain ClimbersStart in plank position and alternate crossing knee to opposite elbow.
30 secsShoulder Tap w/ Push-upStart in plank position, touch opposite shoulders then perform a push-up. Can be done from your knees if you’re unable to perform from your feet.
30 secsBreak-dancersStart in bear crawl position. Bring your right leg under and through to the left side and let your hip lightly tap the floor. Bring your left arm up in balance. Alternate sides.


Mini Workout 2: Strength – 10 mins

30 secsSpider Push-UpsAs you perform a push-up bring your right knee up to your right elbow. Alternate sides.
30 secsDB Floor Boat PressSit on the floor slightly leaning back with a tight core. Hold the dumbbells at your shoulders and press as you are in the slightly leaned position. *Challenge: Raise your feet off the ground while you are performing the presses.
30 secsDB ThrustersStand with the dumbbells at your shoulders. Squat down and explode out of the squat while pressing the dumbbells to the sky. Keep repeating.
30 secsDB Reverse LungeStand with the dumbbells at your sides. Lunge backward then return to a standing position. Alternate sides.
30 secsDB Sumo SquatStand with the dumbbells in front of your hips. Widen feet outside shoulder-width apart and squat down holding the dumbbells in front of your body throughout the movement.
30 secsDB Curl + PressStand with the dumbbells at your sides. Curl them up to your shoulders and then press overhead.
45 secsFUSE 1100 Lat Pulldown Machine
45 secsFUSE 1200 Seated Row Machine
30 secsRest


Mini Workout 3: Mobility – 5 mins

Upward Hand Pose
Standing Forward Fold Pose
Wide Leg Forward Fold Pose – Cross Arms
Step Back Left into Lunge – Revolved Side Angle Pose
Step Back Right into Lunge – Revolved Side Angle Pose
Cobra Pose
Downward Facing Dog Pose
Thread the Needle Left
Thread the Needle Right
*Continue for 5 minutes