Keep your motivation with this pumped up playlist

February 6, 2013

One of the best ways to stay motivated on home fitness equipment is to listen to a playlist of your favorite tunes. When you’re on that last leg of sprints or going through a tough incline, these songs are sure to give you the inspiration to push through and get you on your way to achieving your fitness goals. TRUE Fitness has a line of cardio fitness equipment that allows you to plug in your iPod or phone to instantly hear your favorite songs, available on both the TRUE PS850 and ES900 treadmills. Try adding a few of these songs to your workout playlist for your next run:

Before your workout on your home treadmill gets up to full speed, start off with a quick five minute warm up. According to Fit Day, a good warm up will get your heart pumping, increase muscle circulation and get you ready for your workout. It’s important to physically prepare your body for the workout ahead. Try out these songs to get you ready for exercise:

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Glee Cast
Too Close – Alex Clare
Like a Prayer – Madonna
Feel Again – OneRepublic
Hey, Soul Sister – Train

Cardio beats
The middle part of your workout is often the most intense. Therefore, you’ll need tunes that amp up your energy and keep pushing you through the remainder of your workout. Studies have even found that pumping up the volume on your iPod can help you get through a workout.

“Psychologically, music gets you pumped up and it also distracts you from what you’re doing,” explained Janet McMordie, a graduate student studying kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario. “Music might also cause a surge of adrenaline that kicks things up.”

Kick your workout regimen in gear by turning up these tunes on your iPod:

Rock Your Body – Justin Timberlake
Technologic – Daft Punk
Dollhouse – Priscilla Renea
Heads Will Roll – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Born This Way – Lady Gaga

Cool down
While a warm up is essential, a cool down is equally as important. Reduce your speed so that your body has time to recover and get back to a normal resting heart rate. Suddenly stopping after an especially intense workout, according to Fit Day, can leave you feeling dizzy. Cooling down also reduces muscle soreness and allows blood to circulate throughout your body. Here are some tunes to help you cool down:

Stop This Train – John Mayer
The A Team – Ed Sheeran
American Honey – Lady Antebellum
Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson
Even If It Breaks Your Heart – Eli Young Band