How to make your workout go by faster

May 13, 2013

Sometimes the biggest obstacle in convincing yourself to work out on a more regular basis isn't your schedule or your physical ability, it's that time sometimes seems to go by so slowly when you're on your home treadmill. When it comes to exercising, finding the right motivation is really half the battle. If you're looking for waysto make your workout more enjoyable and go by faster, try out these creative ideas:

1. Find the right treadmill
Your home treadmill should be working with you, not against you, so make sure you have the home gym equipment that is best suited to your fitness needs. For example, the TRUE PS300 treadmill has an easy-to-read LCD screen that will help you monitor your progress. Like many TRUE Fitness treadmills, the PS300 also comes with preset workout programs, so you can make sure you're exercising in a way that will help you see results.

2. Create an epic playlist
What music gets you pumped up and in a good mood? The theme song from "Rocky"? "Eye of the Tiger"? How about the latest tune from Beyonce or Swedish House Mafia? Upbeat music has been proven to increase strength, speed and endurance, so picking the right playlist can truly help your workout cruise by. You can even sync your iPod with the TRUE Fitness PS850 treadmill

3. Use the power of imagination
When you've hit the point in your exercise routine when you just don't think you can run any longer, turn to the power of imagination for a little inspiration. Where's your favorite place in the world? The coastline of the Mediterranean Sea? The streets of your alma mater? Picture yourself there – reliving those memories – and the rest of your workout will fly by in a flash.

4. Make it a contest
If you're looking to put your competitive nature toward a purpose, this is it. While personal goals will certainly help motivate you to workout more regularly, whether your objective is to lose weight or lower your body mass index, telling a friend about your plans and competing to see who can reach their goal first will make each workout go by much more quickly. If you keep tabs on each other's progress you'll not only be more likely to exercise, it will also serve as a bonding experience.