How to get out of bed and onto the treadmill

March 6, 2013

We all know how it goes: The alarm goes off bright and early and you begin to rise for the start of a new day. Then the thought "I should workout" enters your head. But it's still dark outside and your bed covers are oh so comfortable. Becoming an avid morning exerciser takes time and practice. Of course sleep seems more appealing at the time, but working out in the morning can provide you with the energy you need to take on the day and whatever it may throw at you. Check out a few of these ways to hop on out of bed and onto home fitness equipment:

Get to bed at a normal time
In order to be okay with getting up early, you must start going to bed at a normal hour to allow yourself enough hours of sleep. We realize this is easier said than done. If you have a show you love to watch at night, just record it and watch it the next day. When you're not exhausted the next morning, you'll be glad you did. If you find that you're not sleepy enough at night, FitSugar recommended cutting back your caffeine intake during the day. You may also want to try warm baths, a cup of your favorite tea or reading to lull yourself to sleep.

Let there be light
According to Discovery Health, light tells the brain that it's time to wake up. Light helps to regulate your circadian rhythms and keep them on track. So once your alarm goes off, get into the habit of opening your shades to let in a bit of natural light. If it's still dark out when you rise in the morning, turn on your bedside lamp to wake yourself up.

Sleep in your workout clothes
One of the hardest parts of breaking a sweat in the morning is simply getting prepared to do so – nobody wants to leave the comfort of their warm bed to put on shorts and a t-shirt. Daily Spark suggested giving yourself no excuses by snoozing in your workout clothes. Not only does it save you precious time in the morning, it takes one obstacle out of the way and you'll be one step closer to working out.

Play motivating music
Once you rise out of bed, put on an upbeat playlist that's going to get you moving and pumped up about exercise. According to Daily Spark, music can change your mood, give you energy and even motivate you to reach your goals. Continue this habit on the treadmill to keep your workouts intense. Many of TRUE's home treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes are iPod compatible, making it easy to listen to your favorite tunes once you step on your cardio fitness machine.

Make working out a priority, not an option
When your alarm goes off in the morning, don't even think about making that snooze button an option. Tell yourself that this is something you have to do. By saying "I'll wake up and see if I feel like working out tomorrow," you're essentially giving yourself an excuse to not exercise.

Bribe yourself
If you can't get out of bed for a workout, get out of bed for a different reason, whether that's a pre-workout snack or watching your favorite TV show before you hit the treadmill. If you have something to look forward to after getting out of bed, you're more likely to follow through on that morning routine.

Map out your workout
Instead of just getting on a piece of equipment and running, have a set workout regimen. TRUE's preset workout programs make designing the perfect workout for your fitness level easy.