How to burn more fat in less time

April 8, 2013

If your busy lifestyle has you making excuses and avoiding a commitment to a regular workout, we'd like to introduce you to interval training. Your schedule is no longer reason for hiding from that TRUE Fitness treadmill you gifted yourself to lose weight and get into shape! Interval training will allow you to burn more fat in less time by pushing your body harder during each short workout. There are simple cardio routines for even the smallest time crunch:

If you have five minutes …
The key is pushing yourself to have as intense of a workout as possible. Lift your knees high for 30 seconds. Then, squat jump for 20 seconds, march in place for 10 seconds and repeat. Next: burpees. Squat with your palms on the floor, jump your feet back so you are in full plank and do a push up. Then, jump your feet in, stand up and jump with your arms overhead. Do this for 20 seconds, march in place for 10 seconds, and repeat the combination. For your last interval, do alternating jump lunges for 20 seconds followed by marching in place for 10 seconds, then repeat. Cool down by marching in place for the last 30 seconds of your workout.

If you have 10 minutes …
Start with 30 seconds of jumping jacks, followed by one minute of step-ups. Next: mountain climbers for 30 seconds (bend over, place your hands on the floor, bend your knees and jump your legs back and forth). Now, hop on your home treadmill and sprint for 30 seconds, followed by jogging for one minute. Repeat this three times. Next, use a bench or couch to do 30 seconds of inclined push-ups, followed by 30 seconds of squats (release for a moment, and do squats for 30 more seconds). To finish up your high-intensity workout, do 30 seconds of burpees and hold the plank position for one minute (followed by one minute of side planks).

If you have half an hour …
If you can spare 30 minutes, treat yourself to a great cardio workout on your TRUE Fitness treadmill. Again, for maximum effectiveness it's all about the intervals. Start by walking for two minutes, then jogging for three. Next, sprint for one minute, then jog for two. Repeat this combination four times. Finish off your quick workout by cooling down with a three-minute walk.