Gym Source Staff Pick: The TRUE ES900 Treadmill

August 1, 2013

At Gym Source, we’ve built our business on helping people select the right equipment for wide variety of fitness goals. Our customers rely onus for guidance and sound advice.  And we’ve been noticing a trend lately in our showrooms – when it comes to selecting a treadmill for our clients, we find ourselves coming back to the TRUE ES900 treadmill again and again.

In fact, when we compare the ES900 with other treadmills in the showroom, our customers keep returning to the ES900 – they just love the look and feel of it. A treadmill is often the first big purchase people make – whether it’s for a home gym or intended to work within a room in their house. People want a durable, well-built machine that meets all of their fitness needs at a price point that makes sense. The TRUE ES900 does just that.

“My treadmill customers usually come in with a ‘wish list’ of features, explains Miami Gym Source sales manage, Robert Martinez. “They often worry they won’t get everything on the list. They are always impressed with TRUE’s reputation for quality manufacturing, and then they are delighted to find out about the customizable console options. They are thrilled to discover that the TRUE ES900 fits their needs perfectly.”

Even before they step onto the ES900, customers love the look of it. The pedestals of the ES900 are fabricated from steel plates, and the aluminum straddle covers offer a much more stylish alternative to plastic. And once they begin their first ‘test drive,’ they comment on TRUE’s patented Soft Systemâ„¢.  It simply feels different from every other treadmill because the neoprene shock absorbers cushion each foot strike, while the back of the deck provides a firmer surface, allowing for a stronger push-off with each stride.  The Soft Select feature puts our customers in control of the level of softness or firmness of the deck and offers the most biomechanically correct running surface available.

Customers usually do their research even before they come into the showroom, so they are impressed that the ES900 is a Reader’s Choice Best Premium Treadmill Award winner. This is a treadmill we love because it truly lives up to the accolades, and we’re happy to continue to offer it to our customers.