Five ways to jet-set your treadmill workout

November 25, 2019

Chances are, at some point, you’ve spent at least a short period of time on a treadmill. These classic cardio machines can be a regular source of exercise. If you’ve felt your treadmill routine has gone flat, you could probably use a boost. By utilizing the following tips, you’ll get the best workout you can out of your treadmill:

Switch up your pace

Altering the speed at which you run or walk on the treadmill is one of the best ways to ensure a successful workout. Start with a brisk walk for the first few minutes of your workout, then build up to a run. This will help your body gradually build up endurance so you can run for a longer period of time without getting fatigued.

“When you chug along at a comfortable pace (as most people do), your body gets energy easily from the oxygen you inhale,” Women’s Health Editor-In-Chief wrote. “But once you switch into high gear, your muscles start working harder to process that O2, so they expend extra energy recruiting other chemicals in the body (adenosine-triphosphate and phosphocreatine, in case you’re interested) to get the job done.”

Utilize the incline

Even if you’re working at a slower walking pace, having the treadmill on an incline can increase the intensity of your workout. Chris Lundstrom, a marathoner training for Boston, noted that changing the elevation makes your workout less of a drag.

“Just like the trees and rocks, speed and incline add variety,” Lundstrom told Runner’s World.

Figure out a plan before you start running to decide when and how often to alter the elevation to keep your workout interesting.

Try out different programs

Many home fitness treadmills have set programs built into the machine to make your workout a bit easier and more fun! Experiment with different workouts until you find the one that best fits your style. TRUE residential treadmills come standard with TRUE HRC® Cruise Control heart rate tracking and controlled treadmill workouts that maintain your target heart rate by adjusting the machine’s speed and incline as you run. In addition, TRUE residential treadmills include a plethora of challenging fitness programs and fitness technology integrations.

Use weights

To intensify your workout even more, grab a pair of ankle weights or dumbbells to use while you’re on the treadmill. These extra pounds will significantly bump up the resistance level, helping you to burn more calories per workout. Weights will also help tone your body while building up endurance.

Crank up the noise 

Treadmill workouts can sometimes become a bit monotonous. However, incorporating music or television into your exercise plan can really help to alleviate boredom. Create a workout playlist of songs that pump you up and get you excited about working out! If you’re located near a TV, put on your favorite TV show or movie. This makes the time on the treadmill go by quickly, you won’t even realize you worked out!