Creating a cardio circuit training program

August 26, 2013

For many people, finding time to work out can be a challenge. Whether you’re looking to lift weights or do cardio, is can be a struggle to find a free part of the day to devote solely to exercise, but circuit training can make this possible.

Circuit training is great for a number of reasons. For people who work, it’s time efficient and can be finished in as little as 30 minutes. Circuit training is also usually offers a total body workout┬á so every part gets attention. When people think of circuit training, they usually think of weight lifting and setting up various stations to challenge and strengthen muscles.

While this is a popular form of lifting, circuit training can also be done on cardio fitness equipment like home treadmills, home exercise bikes and elliptical machines. Again, as with lifting circuits, cardio circuits can be done in just 30 minutes but can also extend to 45 or 60 minutes if your schedule allows.

Another benefit of circuit training is that you get to mix things up both during your work out as well as every time you’re in the gym. This keeps you from hitting a fitness plateau and keeps your body from getting too used to certain moves that it’s no longer challenged.

Circuit part 1: Treadmill

  • Start on a treadmill like the M30 True Home Treadmill with your warm up. Walk at a leisurely pace for a few minutes to prepare your body for the full workout.
  • Then switch to intervals for 10 minutes jogging for two minutes and sprinting for one minute. Repeat three times and finish with a one minute dash.
  • During intervals, you can also vary the incline for additional challenges like climbing hills.

Circuit part 2: Elliptical

  • Spend 10 minutes on an elliptical like the True M30 Home Elliptical Trainer, again working in intervals.
  • Run for 1 minute on a resistance level around four then run for a minute at an intensity level around eight.
  • Repeat four times alternating minutes.

Circuit part 3: Stationary bike

  • Finish a 30-minute cardio with your last 10 minutes on the bike.
  • Whether you’re on an upright bike like the True ES9.0 Home Upright Bike or a recumbent bike, alternate minute intervals at a low resistance and a high resistance.
  • Another option for internals on an upright bike is to ride seated for two minutes and ride standing for one minute. Repeat three times and finish with a minute sprint.

At the end of the circuit, take a few minutes to cool down and stretch.

Each time your perform a cardio circuit you can vary the amounts of time or what do you in each interval. This keeps things interesting for both your mind and body and may save you from boredom.