A Rundown of TRUE’s Most Popular Equipment Consoles

May 7, 2015


TRUE Fitness offers five different console options for our home fitness equipment. While variety is the spice of life, how do you know which console suits you best? Each console offers slightly different features, allowing you to choose the best console for your individual needs.


Starting with the most basic console, the Emerge is a simple LED screen, with control buttons and data readout capabilities. This console provides the user with easy navigation and appeals to those who want to walk up to a machine and quickly start their workout. Data readouts include:

  • Time
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Heart rate


The Escalate9 has a 9-inch color active Matrix LCD screen that provides an advanced workout experience while remaining simplistic. This screen uses control buttons for simple navigation, but incorporates more sophisticated features such as:

  • iPod connectivity
  • 5 language options
  • 22 workout options


A step above the Escalate9, the Escalate15 offers a 15-inch, color active Matrix LED screen. While this console offers sophisticated features, the easy-to-use navigation buttons make this console perfect for even the most basic user. The Escalate15has:

  • Advanced iPod connectivity
  • A personal cooling fan
  • A customizable screen saver
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • 12 language options


This 10-inch capacitive touch screen console meets the needs of technologically advanced users. To use, simply step up the machine, and touch the screen to get started. Features include:

  • Advanced iPod connectivity
  • Digital and analog TV tuners
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Personal cooling fan
  • Netpulse compatible
  • Virtual Active
  • 12 language options


The Trascend16 is the highest-end console that we offer. It provides a 16-inch capacitive touch screen as well as:

  • Quick speed keys
  • Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Wireless heart rate monitoring
  • Virtual Active
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Over 30 preset workouts

The Transcend16 also allows you to customize your workouts and save them for future use. A USB port is also available to export your workout summaries and put them on your home computer.

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