8 Reasons to Invest in Your Own Gym Equipment

March 5, 2015

Money Crashers BlogTrying to determine whether you should buy your own gym equipment and exercise at home, or simply pay for a gym membership? First, let’s run the numbers. If you pay $50 per month for membership in a health club, that equates to $600 per year. And over the course of five years, you’ll pay a whopping $3,000.

You don’t have to spend that kind of cash when purchasing your own equipment, which is exactly why I recently dropped my membership. If you’re still unsure, read on to learn of several reasons you should invest in your own gym equipment.

1. Save Money

When you don’t have a gym membership, you never have to worry about increasing fees or jumping through hoops if you need to freeze or cancel your membership. There’s the monthly cost as well. Remember: you are charged this fee whether you go to the gym six times per week or not at all.

2. The Gym Can Make You Sick

When you go to the gym, you expose yourself to germs from the wide range of people who frequent the space. You might catch a cold, be subjected to the flu, or contract a foot infection from the shower room floor. When you stay at home and workout, you’re in a safer controlled environment.

3. You Can Work Out When You Want

I don’t like being told I can’t work out after 4pm on the weekends or on any holidays for that matter. And nothing’s worse than showing up for an early morning workout only to find your gum hasn’t opened yet because of irresponsible employees. When you buy your own equipment you can work out at 3am, early Sunday morning, or whenever you feel like sneaking a workout routine into your day.

4. Better Concentration

When you work out at home, there’s no loud music and no TVs showing channels you have no interest in. Both of these are detrimental to enjoying your workout program. When you workout at home, you can decide where your equipment is placed, exercise in silence if you choose, or tune in to your favorite TV station.

5. No Expensive Attire Needed

Working out at home can literally be done in your skivvies if you choose to do so. You also don’t have to be concerned with impressing other members with expensive gym attire. Maintaining a trendy workout wardrobe can be an expensive endeavor; factor that in when you calculate the expense of a gym versus purchasing your own equipment.

6. Complete and Total Access to Equipment

At home, you don’t need to wait for equipment to become available. At the gym, waiting for your turn can derail you from your exercise program. If you like to work out at popular gym times of the day, such as right after work, you might not have access to much gym equipment at all.

7. No Embarrassment

Many people feel sheepish about working out in front of others. At home, you have no reason to feel self-conscious, as nobody is in better shape than you or lifting heavier weights.

8. Your Stuff Can’t Be Stolen or Forgotten

I can’t tell you how many towels and other gym accessories I’ve forgotten to grab after a workout. Those cost money. And, unless you’re using a locked locker, your gear is always at risk of theft. When you work out at home, all of your stuff is safe and secure.

Final Thoughts

If I’ve been able to convince you of the benefits of purchasing your own gym equipment, be sure to give TRUE Fitness a try. It features bikes, ellipticals, and treadmills for your workout needs. It has a list of dealer locations, there’s an online store, and free price quotes are just a few clicks away. When switching to home workout equipment, it’s important to have the pros in your back pocket.

What other reasons can you think of to invest in your own gym equipment?

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Dave Williams is a fitness enthusiast who writes about personal finance, health and wellness, and personal development tips.