6 Health Benefits of Physical Activity

October 27, 2014

Running really gets the blood pumpingThere are many reasons as to why people continually harp over the benefits that physical fitness can provide. Many of these benefits are health related and can improve a person’s overall medical health. According to an article written by Mayo Clinic, there are 6 main benefits that physical activity provides.

1. Weight Control. Obviously physical activity is a great way to stay physically fit and stay in shape, which is a huge benefit. Not only will you look great, but controlling and maintaining a healthy weight will also prevent obesity and the health issues that typically come along with it.

2. Wards off Disease. Physical activity is the perfect way to make sure every part of your body is working to its best ability. By exercising regularly, you are training your body to defend itself against stress and ward off diseases such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

3. Improves your Mood. Participating in regular physical activity is a great way to improve your overall mood. When you exercise, your body produces a hormone called “endorphins,” which create a mood of satisfaction. When a person exercises regularly, they are regularly producing this hormone which boosts their overall mood. This can also help prevent/relieve stress and depression as well.

4. Increases Energy. With increased energy, your body is able to function more efficiently because it has the energy to do so. Not only is having increased energy great for your immune system and overall health, but it also allows for more productive and enjoyable days!

5. Better Sleep. The body uses sleep as a way to re-charge and ensure that each part of the body is functioning properly. Lack of sleep, or inadequate sleep, can severely affect the functions of the most basic systems of the body. These include the ever-so-important immune system and the simple decision-making and thought processes of the brain, etc. Better sleep means a better performing body.

6. Lowers Stress. We all deal with a lot of stress in our day-to-day lives and an easy way to de-stress is to get physically active. Completing an intense workout is the perfect outlet to take out any frustrations and let go of anything hanging over your head. Plus, those endorphins you get from the workout simply make it hard to be unhappy!