5 Healthy Thanksgiving Traditions

November 24, 2019


Thanksgiving is upon us, which usually includes an abundant amount of delicious meals for our families to gather around. While the food may be delicious this time of year, it is most certainly not the healthiest. Make sure you make your holiday meals are the healthiest you while still having fun by following these basic tips:

Nix the Bad-For-You Dishes

Don’t even allow yourself to be tempted by the really bad for you Thanksgiving foods like deep-fried turkey and au gratin potatoes by not making them at all. These omissions will keep you from being tempted to indulge in those extra calories because they won’t be an option. Instead, bake the turkey and don’t add extra ingredients like heavy cream and butter to potatoes.

Find Healthy Recipes

Make your Thanksgiving a healthy one by finding healthy recipes. “Healthy” doesn’t have to mean it won’t taste as good – there are lot of healthy Thanksgiving recipes that are delicious. The holiday menu is not set in stone, so feel free to mix it up. If you have a healthy recipe you know everyone already loves, go ahead and add it to the menu.

Use Fresh Ingredients

When preparing your Thanksgiving meal, do your best not to purchase processed ingredients. Instead, opt for fresh and in-season ingredients. Preparing the ingredients may take slightly longer than using already prepared ingredients, but the fresh taste and health benefits outweigh the extra time. Pre-plan the meal and prepare some ingredient beforehand so it will be less work for you when it’s time to get cooking.

Eat Breakfast and Lunch

Thanksgiving dinners are often very large meals. Do your body a favor and be sure to eat both breakfast and lunch the day of the meal. This will keep your stomach satisfied all day long while smelling dinner cooking, instead of becoming famished and inhaling your food at dinner and over-eating.

Get the Family Active

Instead of the whole family lounging around watching TV the entire day, get everyone involved in a family activity like a touch football game. These games can be a fun annual Thanksgiving tradition your family can uphold for years to come, while burning calories at the same time to prepare for dinner.

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