TRUE Performance 800 Treadmill

5 Fitness Products for Your New Year’s Goals

December 23, 2022

New Year – New Opportunities – New TRUE

Are you planning to kick off a new lifestyle goal or training plan? New Year’s is always a good time to start. Just think about it; it’s like turning a page and creating a new chapter to improve yourself and your well-being. Everyone’s fitness goals and training plans are different. How you train is and can look very different than the next person.

Were you thinking about putting your plan into action at your local gym? Be careful. According to US News, 12% of members join the gym in January compared to an average of 8.3% in the other months of the year. This means there will likely be long wait times for a specific machine. Lucky for you, TRUE has you covered

Take TRUE home and eliminate the wait times without eliminating the quality of your workout. Our commercial-grade quality products enable you to execute your training plans and push your goals from the comfort of your home. 

TRUE provides an extensive portfolio of home fitness equipment that fits every lifestyle and can help you reach your goal. On top of that, our product warranties for our residential products are robust, ensuring you have a product you can trust. Let’s introduce you to five products to help you reach your New Year’s goals for fitness.

The TRUE Performance 800 Treadmill

Talk about product & workout quality. The Performance 800 offers a customizable experience on one of the largest running surfaces in the industry. It’s built to withstand the most challenging workouts; the Performance 800 combines smooth, quiet quality with unflinching durability.

The data feedback, integrated app technology, and challenging programs, plus the addition of unique user profiles, ensure the entire family can work towards their New Year’s goals surrounding health and fitness. TRUE’s noteworthy features, such as Soft Select® – allow you to adjust the surface firmness depending on your preference for the track running feel or pavement.

In addition, the TRUE Soft System® technology offers a bio-mechanically correct running surface. How it works: Neoprene shock absorbers in the front of the deck cushion each foot strike, while the back of the deck provides a firmer sensation allowing for a stronger push-off with every step.

This treadmill is perfect for the everyday runner and can withstand the courageous distance/marathon runner.

The TRUE 950 Treadmill

The TRUE Fitness 950 Treadmill is our top-of-the-line treadmill that offers a customizable experience on one of the industry’s largest and most comfortable running surfaces. TRUE Soft System® and Orthopedic Belt provide the ultimate impact reduction on joints and knees, while the TRUE Soft Select® adjustable deck cushioning has varying levels of soft to firm to fit every user’s needs.

On top of this treadmill’s outstanding features, the 950 allows you to select your desired console option. 

Look below at two amazing choices:

  • The 16″ Envision II console
    • 16″ Premium LCD Touchscreen
    • Access to built-in programs and entertainment + internet and social media for a customized fitness experience
    • Bluetooth for an app, audio, heart rate connectivity, and Apple GymKit integration, seamlessly connect your Apple Watch to track your workout.
  • Showrunner II HDMI 16″
    • Integrated LCD screen
    •  Watch TV, or mirror your content while working out. Easy-to-use technology and built-in programming.

The ES700 Elliptical

Accomplishing your New Year’s goals and working out your entire body has never been more convenient. TRUE’s ES700 Elliptical is engineered with commercial-grade materials and boasts a sleek, dynamic design made to inspire and engage. Tone your muscles and increase your endurance with a cross-trainer designed to give users the most natural movement available on an elliptical.

Take your workouts to the next level with TRUE’s Cardio 360 program. A personal trainer is built into the elliptical to walk you through various full-body workouts. TRUE’s AutoStride is an electronically adjustable stride feature that will assist you in finding the most efficient and perfect stride possible based on your body’s natural movement at various speeds.

The ES900 Upright Bike

Whether training for a triathlon or looking for a low-impact fitness solution, TRUE’s ES900 Upright Bike helps you achieve a realistic cycling experience at home. The ergonomic design is ideal for all riders, and the aero bars provide significant leverage for long-distance sessions. You can customize your workout preferences with your choice of the Emerge LED console or the T9 Touchscreen.

The ES700 Recumbent Bike

The TRUE ES700 Recumbent Bike is engineered for comfort, safety, and efficiency. Its walk-through design accommodates users of all fitness levels, while an ergonomic-enhanced reclining seat offers the most comfortable rides in the industry. A small footprint and no need to connect to power allow you to maximize your workout space. Have your choice of the Emerge LED console or the T9 touchscreen console.


Your New Year’s goals are genuinely your personal goals. Whether you are an avid runner, modest walker, low-impact exerciser, or looking for a comfortable ride, TRUE has you covered to meet your goals and exceed them. As we highlighted five popular picks for home, all our products are favorites. With our premium quality equipment, you will have a workout you can enjoy in the comfort of your home from equipment households trust worldwide. Explore and learn more about our club-quality equipment for home at www.shop.truefitness.com.