5 Alternative Ways To Achieve A Full Body Workout On A Treadmill

October 24, 2014

If you ever find yourself getting bored with the same old treadmill workout routine, shake things up by adding in some different moves. A treadmill doesn’t just have to be used strictly for walking and running; get creative and mix it up! Here are five different exercises you can add to your treadmill workout:

1. Push-ups. For this exercise, please make sure the machine is OFF. Assume the push-up stance by placing your toes on the end of the treadmill, and your hands flat on the ground directly behind the treadmill. The elevation of your toes on the platform of the treadmill will make a more intense push-up!

2. Triceps Dig. Please make sure the machine is OFF before attempting this exercise. First, you will sit on the floor with your back against the end of the running surface of the treadmill. Keep your legs straight out in front of you, and place the palms of your hands (fingertips pointing away from the machine) flat on the running surface behind you. While bending your elbow, use only your arms to move your body up and down. Great arm workout with no weights needed!

3. Lunges. The machine should be turned OFF before completing this exercise. This one is great for the legs! Simply place one foot on the floor directly behind the machine, while placing the other foot up on the end of the running surface. The foot that is on the machine will be the one that you will bend each time you lunge, making your knee come to a right angle. The foot that is placed on the floor should be back far enough that when you bend the opposite knee, the leg straightens. Switch back and forth between legs in order to get an all-around leg workout!

4. Side Steps. Now these are easy! For this exercise, the machine will need to be ON, but set to a low speed. First, stand sideways on the running surface, holding onto the side rails if needed. With your feet together, turn the machine ON and set to a low speed. Move your feet apart and then back together, in a sideways “galloping” motion. After doing this for a few minutes, stop and face the opposite direction in order to work the opposite leg. You can also increase speed as you get more comfortable. This exercise is great for your hips and inner thighs!

5. Step On and Offs. This one is the simplest of them all! First, make sure the machine is OFF. Then, with both feet together on the floor, at the end of the running surface, step up onto the machine with one foot at a time. Right foot first, and then bring the left foot up alongside of it. Then step back down using the same technique. This exercise will work the leg muscles as well as the glutes, by mimicking stair-stepping movements.