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Monthly Archives: February 2017

  • Flu Season: How to Stay on Track

    Flu season is a terrible time of year. Everyone is getting sick and that often causes us to be incredibly fatigued, possibly contagious, and changes our appetite. It is good to know that if you are taking care of yourself by consistently following a fitness program and eating a healthy meal regimen, the likelihood of you getting sick in the first place is significantly less. Continue reading

  • Being Prepared: Snacking Guilt-Free

    There are always going to be times when we are either just hanging out at the house, on our rest days, or busy running errands and traveling. In those times we need to be prepared to make sure that we stay on track with our food. It’s easy to forget because we get so busy, and our stomachs start rumbling. Then we’re in trouble. We want to grab anything and everything in sight just to satisfy our hunger and typically it’s not the greatest choice. Continue reading

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