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Monthly Archives: January 2017

  • Kick Those Bad Eating Habits

    Now that we are through the holidays with all of the cookie baking and comfort foods, let’s get back on track. Kicking bad eating habits can be a difficult task, but so rewarding. Even if you are someone who is trying to begin eating healthy, these tips will work for you as well.

    Take a look at everything that you are eating. Does it seem healthy to you? How many sugary items are you consuming in a day? How does your body feel? Are you reaching your goals by eating this way or has nothing changed? Whether it’s foods filled with sugar, salt, or fat, it can be managed. These questions will show you what needs to be taken out of your daily food intake or just changed to a healthier option. Continue reading

  • How to Work Out During the Winter Months

    Whether you've been working out for some time or you've just begun, it seems as though the winter months are some of the hardest times to get to the gym. It might be the holidays holding you back, the cold weather, or just not knowing what to do inside the gym. If you need help staying fit through March 20th, following these steps is a good place to begin: Continue reading

  • Nope, Not This Year!

    You have to be tired of making the same plan every year. You might even be adding to the list because you didn’t achieve it the year before. How can we all want something so bad but not be able to quit doing the things that take us farther away from those goals? Continue reading

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