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Monthly Archives: July 2015

  • 5 Cool Things You Can Do with the TRUE Fitness Mobile App

    Scrolling through your mobile app store, you may have come across many fitness apps and been underwhelmed by the results. Look no further, for TRUE Fitness has developed and released our very own mobile app just for you.

    With our app, you can keep track of all your workout data right in one place. It may seem just like any other workout tracking app at first glace, but check out these cool five features that really make TRUE's app stand out from the rest. Continue reading

  • Beat the Heat: How to Stay Safe When Exercising Outside

    With the heat of the summer on, exercising outside can be dangerous. From overheating to dehydration, knowing how to stay safe when exercising outside is something all women should know, athlete or not. Don't ignore these basic rules.

    Wear Sunscreen

    Even if you are exercising on a cloudy day, you can still get burned. Choose a sunscreen that provides 50 SPF protection and reapply regularly. Continue reading

  • Everything You Need to Know about the FDA's Trans Fat Ban

    Recently, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) announced a ban on trans fats. Trans fats have been popular since the 1960s due to their ability to spread easily after being taken out of the fridge and keep foods from going bad too quickly. It wasn't until recent years that the health risks of trans fats was fully recognized. But how are they bad for you and why did the FDA move forward with this particular ban? Continue reading

  • How to Correctly Use Battling Ropes to Supplement Your Workout

    Battling ropes have recently emerged in the fitness world and have become increasingly popular ever since. The heavy weight of these ropes as your body propels them in different directions is a great strength-building workout with the added benefit of being incredibly easy on the joints. Take a look at these few techniques to make sure you are correctly and efficiently using battling ropes to get the most out of your workout:

    Move in Different Directions

    When using battling ropes, it is often easy to get stuck doing the same repetitive motion. Avoid getting caught in an exercise rut by switching up your motions every now and again. Continue reading

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