Why Treadmills Make a Workout More Enjoyable

November 10, 2014

model on treadmillNot everyone considers working out to be an enjoyable activity. In fact, some people simply hate it. People who love to run will need little motivation to throw on their shoes and go for a quick run outside. On the other hand, people who have a hard time motivating themselves to get active need a bit more of an enticement to get going. TRUE’s treadmill lines have done a great job catering to all types of people, including those who have little interest in working out. With 7 commercial treadmills and 5 different consoles to choose from, there is literally a perfect treadmill for everyone!

By incorporating entertainment aspects into each machine, TRUE makes a workout feel less like ‘work’ and much more enjoyable. iPod connectivity allows for each user to sync their personal music onto the machine and control from the main console, while listening via headphones. Many consoles also allow users to select television programming and watch via the screen implanted on the console. A great feature for users who want the feeling of being outdoors without actually being outside would be selecting a nature scene to “run through.” Users can select a nature scene of their choice, and the screen will appear as if you are running through a forest, along the beach, etc.

The most significant features of a TRUE treadmill are the preset and customizable workout programs offered. These programs make reaching your fitness goals a breeze, and offer a variety to ensure each workout delivers the results that each user is striving for. Whether you are trying to lose weight, concentrate on a leg workouts, or just focusing on getting your heart rate up, there is a workout program for everyone.

Check out these unique TRUE features on a CS900 Treadmill with a Transcend console at a gym near you! And, for those who prefer to bring the workout home, check out the PS825 Home Treadmill! All of TRUE’s treadmills are listed on TRUE’s website.