What to wear for the best cardio workout

January 29, 2013

When you participate in cardio exercise, your heart gets pumping faster and you’re taking in more oxygen to provide your body with the ample energy it needs to maintain your workout. Of course, taking in more oxygen means breathing more heavily, leading to a rise in your core temperature. In other words, you start sweating. That’s your body’s way of attempting to cool you down. With that in mind, what you wear is going to affect your cardio fitness as well as your workout. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re choosing what to wear for your next workout:

Maintain comfort
One of the number one rules in workout attire is keeping yourself comfortable. Not only does this allow full range of motion, but it prevents chafing and skin irritation. According to LosingWeight.com, you should stick with loose fitting shirts and shorts or comfortable spandex material that allows your body to really move during exercise. Try moving your body around to see if you have full mobility in the clothes you chose to make sure your workout won’t suffer.

Choose the right fabrics
According to Sweaty Betty, sweat-wicking fabrics are the best type of clothing for your workout. These fabrics literally wipe the sweat from your skin and allow it to travel to the outside of your clothes where it evaporates. This way, your body will stay dry and cool, helping you to finish even the most intense of workouts. Polypropylene or silk are also effective in keeping you sweat-free. Many people opt for a simple cotton t-shirt when they workout, which also works. However, make sure the fabric is breathable and not too thick. It’s never great to feel slimy after an arduous bout of exercise!

Shoe support
What you wear on your feet is just as important as what you wear on the rest of your body. Beau Fitness suggested choosing a shoe that supports your heels, arches, ankles and even the balls of your feet. Without the proper support, your feet may start to get uncomfortable which can really impact the quality of your workout. If your feet are still uncomfortable, a slip-in insole may provide additional support.

Don’t forget about socks! The thickness can influence your comfort level during a workout. If your socks are too thick or too thin, blisters can form, which will make exercising much more difficult. Try out different pairs to see which ones work best for your fitness level.

Experiment with outfits to see which is the most comfortable and works best for your style of workout on your home fitness equipment. TRUE Fitness has been providing people with durable and trusted cardio equipment for the past 30 years. They deliver simple yet superior performance and offer users preset and custom programs for a workout suited for their fitness level.