April 14, 2020

Modern styling meets premium aesthetics in TRUE’s Quickfit multi-station system. The high-quality, commercial construction is space-efficient, providing the perfect solution that offers limitless possibilities. Enjoy the convenience of home workouts with TRUE’s all-in-one residential strength solution. 

All-In-One Solution 

The Quickfit is an all-in-one strength solution. One machine can address the legs, chest and back, shoulders, arms, core, and sports-specific muscle groups. The six engagement points offer a wide range of traditional, sports-specific, and functional training exercise choices. 

TRUE’s Quickfit comes with various training accessories including (4) nylon D handles, (2) long nylon D handles, and a thigh training strap for a wide array of workout possibilities. The color-coded procedure label provides the beginning and ending positions for 19 exercises, creating the perfect workout routine for any fitness level. 

In addition, you can complete a variety of residential workouts such as TRUE’s Upper Body Triple Threat

Space-Efficient Design 

Thoughtful, Space-Saving Design 

The single-tower design allows the Quickfit to fit perfectly in any corner. The unique fold-up feature offers a reduced footprint for storage purposes. Whatever size your space is, the Quickfit will fit in seamlessly. 

Easy Adjustments 

The adjustable seat, pivoting back pad, and dual rubber-coated foot placements offer support as needed for upper body push and pull exercises. 

Create a Rower

The Quickfit’s unique sliding seat design and row handle attachment converts the Quickfit into an indoor rower for maximum aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, eliminating the need for additional equipment.

The Quickfit is the perfect home-gym addition for anyone looking for an all-in-one strength solution. TRUE’s commitment to quality design and construction ensures you utilize the best home equipment to address all of your home fitness needs.