Training for Your Great Outdoor Adventure

November 5, 2015

Backpacker walking on mountain peakDo you idolize Bear Grylls? Are you addicted to movies like Everest and Wild? Do you dream of going on a great outdoor adventure? What’s holding you back?

Hitting the gym doesn’t have to be strictly about getting your workout in. Adventure training can also help your body prepare for that outdoor adventure. Here’s how you can use traditional fitness equipment to prepare your body for the physical demands you may encounter.

Mix Up Your Routines to Prepare Your Whole Body

Working out each day is essential, but when preparing for adventure training, avoid the habit of doing the same workout every day. When you’re out in the great unknown, your body will be put to the test and if you’ve only trained your body for specific workouts, then it won’t be prepared for the activity.

Strengthen Your Legs & Heart with Treadmill Training

Treadmills don’t have to simply be used for squeezing in the bare minimum of cardio for the day. They are useful when preparing for other physical activities like marathons and hiking. Not only can you use treadmills to set goals, but you can train your body to gradually improve by increasing various inputs and factors on the treadmill’s console like inclining the deck.

Inclining the deck will help prepare your leg muscles for not only running up hills in a marathon, but tackling other activities like hiking and rock climbing with ease. In addition, that extra workout will get your heart pumping and used to a strenuous workout.

Use Weights to Prepare for Climbing

You should always incorporate weights into your adventure training, especially for an upcoming adventure like rock climbing or backpacking. If you don’t have time for hitting the rock wall, take advantage of the strength equipment within your local gym. By improving the strength of your body, your body will be much better equipped to hit the rocks.

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