The Real Results of Interval Training

May 12, 2016

Thinking about taking your workout to the next level with interval training? Interval training is a great way to get in an intense workout in a short amount of time. Here’s how interval training works and how you can use a treadmill or elliptical to get in a great interval training workout:

Why Use Interval Training?

Interval training works because whrunning in gymen you work out in short, intense bursts, the trauma your muscles go through signals your body to adapt to the stress by being able to convert more oxygen into energy. Interval training is very effective and you don’t need any special equipment. with interval training:

  • You get more exercise in a shorter amount of time.
  • You’ll burn more calories
  • You’re cardiovascular fitness will improve

It’s recommended that you start off slow if you are new to interval training before moving up to a more intense workout so your body can get used to it. For example, as you advance, the recovery phase of the workout will reduce. Remember to always talk to your doctor before starting a new workout—especially if it is of a much higher intensity than you are used to and have a chronic illness.

Interval Training for Treadmills

When doing interval training on the treadmill, you will be changing up the incline and speed while alternating between:

  • Sprints
  • Runs
  • Walks

You can also walk sideways for 30 seconds on each side to give your leg muscles an extra work out and burns more calories. Adjust the speed and incline of the treadmill every so often so your body is continually challenged.

Interval Training for Ellipticals

The elliptical is a great machine for elevating your heart rate with minimal impact while working out your upper and lower body at the same time. For interval training on the elliptical, begin by warming up and experimenting with the settings to find the setting that will give you a good resistance. Then, gradually increase the elliptical’s resistance and stride rate.

As with treadmills, cool down with slower movements for a few minutes to recover before increasing the resistance and speed again.

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