The best and worst foods to eat after a workout

January 18, 2013

Getting up the energy and motivation to workout can be difficult. However, once you actually do exercise, you’ll likely feel energized and you’ll be on your way to the physique of your dreams. But many feel that because they exercised, they have an excuse to eat whatever they please. Avoid setting back your workout and stay away from these post-workout foods:


Energy bars
These after-workout snacks may seem harmless, but they’re actually loaded with sugar. When you indulge in one of these, the sugar decreases your metabolism and gets you right back to where you started, according to Fit Day.

Even though it’s delicious, downing a greasy piece of pizza after a workout won’t be doing your body any favors. Even veggie pizza isn’t good for you, with all of the extra cheese and oil-soaked tomatoes that often come on top of it. Munching on pizza will surely satisfy your taste buds, but eating it will reverse the exercise you just worked so hard to accomplish. Instead of adding to the amount of fat your body stores, you’ll want to restore glycogen levels.

Raw veggies
Wait, aren’t vegetables good for you? Yes, but you shouldn’t eat them directly following a workout. The reason why is that they’re not enough to fill you up! They may work as a quick mid-day snack but after exercise, your body needs something more substantial to restore energy and keep up an increased metabolic rate.


Packed with protein, this dairy treat will help build muscle and maintain your energy levels. Opt for topping it off with fruit for even more antioxidants and fiber. Greek yogurt is best when you’re looking for protein and a great source of calcium and has much less sugar than yogurts deemed to be low in fat.

Pita and hummus
Fitness Magazine suggested this as a perfect post-workout snack. Make sure that you opt for whole wheat for the pita for good carbs and energy. Hummus, made from pureed chickpeas, is a great source of protein.

Whole grain cereal
Cereal doesn’t have to be a morning-only food.But make sure to avoid the sugary ones. Opt for whole grain cereals instead which are filled with carbohydrates and protein to keep you going for the rest of your day. There’s also fiber in these cereals which help you to feel full so you don’t fill up on unhealthy or large portions of something later on.

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